5. “Doin’ What She Likes”

Blake Shelton knows that the music video can actually define the song. Sometimes a video gives new meaning to lyrics or interprets them in a way that completely redefines them. Other times, a video can simply make us love a song even more. Of course, the opposite can be true, too– we’ve all known of a video that ruined a song for us. Here are Blake Shelton’s Top 5 videos; you decide if they make or break the song.

“Doin’ What She Likes” is definitely a case in which the video gives new meaning to the song. The lyrics of this track make is a sweet love ballad, as it’s all about a man trying to please his woman. The video, on the other hand, takes a comedic approach to the situation. Shelton’s attempts to please his wife actually result in him burning down the house.

4. “The Boys Round Here”

It’s a fun song on its own, but the video definitely amps up the party quotient. With an all-star cast including The Pistol Annie’s (Miranda Lambert’s three girl band) and RaeLynn, this video celebrates a great country party. It’s a fun watch that makes you want to go find some hay bales and a keg.

3. “Austin”

“Austin” was Shelton’s first No. 1 hit and first commercially released video. It’s not an exceptionally exciting video, but its feel completely jives with that of the song. What’s best about it is Shelton’s mullet, which the reigning Sexiest Man Alive joked that he’s going to bring back.

2. “Neon Light”

“Neon Light” encompasses everything that is classic Blake Shelton. Shot with footage from one of his concerts, it also shows him joking around and partying. It’s one of those videos that reinforces every thought you had about tour life– and makes you want to hop on a bus for a great country music festival.

1.” I’ll Name The Dogs”

Shelton’s latest hit, “I’ll Name The Dogs” has a really cute video that goes well with the lyrics. It has a storyline of a wedding, with Shelton as the singer at the reception. Shelton is clearly having a good time with the music. His demeanor is as relaxed and playful as the song itself. The only downside is that it didn’t have some of the awesome country imagery of the lyrics.

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