EntertainmentApril 18, 2018

The Big Bang Theory – Amy`s bachelorette party

For her party, Amy imagines strippers and body shots involved—but that’s not what Bernadette and Penny have planned. Instead, they’ve organized a quilting bee—yes, that popular social event from the mid-19th century during which women gossiped over tea and quilting. Now, I love a good scrapbooking afternoon myself, but as a replacement for a bachelorette
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by Roger Miguel
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EntertainmentApril 12, 2018

Discover TBBT Actors’ TRUE Feelings About Science

The Big Bang Theory actors have successfully been playing scientists for the past ten plus years. They’ve had to memorize tons of scientific formulas, vocabulary words, and slang terms. But do they actually enjoy science as individuals? The answer is different for everyone. Science And The Big Bang Theory Actors Without science, there would be no The Big
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by Eli Smith
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