TBBT Actor Kevin Sussman Talks “Comedic Sensibility”

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBSThe Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

Actor Kevin Sussman believes his character has evolved over the years. However, the actor doesn’t feel like this is a bad thing. Instead, the TBBT actor believes that the writers have steered his character to match his “comedic sensibility.”

One of Sussman’s favorite episodes was actually “The Mommy Observation.” In the episode, TBBT actor had an interesting scene while the story involved a Murder Mystery game. Stuart, however, was meant to be the victim.

“I literally spent a week coming to work every day and just lying on the floor!” said TBBT actor, Kevin Sussman.

“Extra Fun When We Work Together”

Stuart BloomThe Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

Rather than assuming Sussman is lazy, he enjoyed the scene because he’s loyal. “It was fun, because most of the cast were involved. Often I only have scenes with a couple of the character, so it’s always extra fun when we all work together.”

This is still true today. In the past three episodes of Season 11, the TBBT has mostly had scenes with one other character. Generally speaking, he’s mainly just speaking with Raj actor Kunal Nayyar.

In other scenes, a few of the guys will be in the comic book shop where he’s working.

Honoring A Fellow Castmate On TBBT

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

Of the many scenes that Stuart is in, the oddest were likely back in Season 8 of the series. TBBT actor had an odd and unusual relationship with Howard’s mother, Mrs. Wolowitz, which involved him eventually living with her.

In real life, however, the actress who played Mrs. Wolowitz passed away in real life which was a shock to everyone. Kevin Sussman said she was a very sweet woman to work with and very unlike her character.

Back then, the series played homage to fact that Howard’s mother was never seen. Now, they continue to honor the actress by never showing Howard and Bernadette’s baby, just like her grandma.

“It’s an old TV trope – remember the neighbor on ‘Home Improvement’ whose face is always covered?” said Kevin Sussman. “I liked the thematic continuity of replacing her character with a baby you hear but never see.”

Do you think Stuart will evolve and fund love this season?

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