Fatherhood Chats In “The Explosion Implosion”

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Howard and Sheldon have never really seen eye-to-eye. The problem exists, of course, because of Sheldon Cooper. Because he believes that Physics the fundamental key to life, he doesn’t respect Howard’s career as an engineer.

Their relationship was tested when Howard went to stress. Never close before, they grew even more distant when Howard got to be an astronaut. This even led to a few fights between Amy and Bernadette!

Now, however, the two are growing older and starting to bond.

Howard Concerned About Fatherly Duties

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

In “The Explosion Implosion,” Howard and Bernadette learn that their second child will be a baby boy. As soon as they learn this news, both seem a little overwhelmed at the news.

Howard doesn’t know anything about playing (or watching) sports, so he’s worried how he can raise a young man. Surprisingly, this united Howard and Sheldon to go on an adventure together.

The adventure begins while rummaging through Howard’s childhood rockets.

Sheldon Cooper Reassures His Friend

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

Sheldon and Howard realize that neither had a father who was interested in their fields of study. Howard’s father left his family, and Sheldon’s father was more obsessed with his jock brother and the football team than rockets.

Together, they decided to build a rocket and launch it in the desert. When the set up the launch pad, however, things went south. The rocket exploded on the launch pad, and Howard began to once again doubt his abilities as a man.

Sheldon tries to comfort his friend but does so in an insulting, Sheldon-like manner. Mostly, the two leave the launch site disappointed. In the car, however, things turn around once more.

Howard proves to be a good teacher when he allows for Sheldon to drive the car. Despite his good methods, Sheldon takes advantages of the open road, floors it, and then gets pulled over by a police officer.

Despite the second mishap, Sheldon thought Howard he would be a good father after all.

What was your favorite part of “The Explosion Implosion?”

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