Having a vasectomy is essentially a sitcom must. On the latest episode of The Big Bang Theory, Howard Wolowitz goes under the knife. The laughs begin as Howard stuffs food down his throat the night before the surgery.

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

For many procedures, it’s important not to eat after a certain time of the day before the surgery. Both Howard and Raj are stuffing down pasta at dinner. Howard has a time limit, and his buddy Raj is stress-eating.

Then, we take a tour of the doctor’s office.

Howard Has Second Thoughts At Doctor

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

Inside the waiting room, Howard Wolowitz watches a different patient stagger out of the doctor’s office, post-surgery. At this point, Howard says he’s going to the gift shop, but Bernadette is no dummy.

She makes her man sit back down and wait his turn. A similar moment happened on Modern Family when Jay took Phil to get the procedure done. As Jay mentioned, they should have two different waiting rooms.

Howard does go through with the procedure, but then the real work for Bernie begins.

Bernadette Tries To Care For Howard…

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

Bernadette takes her man home and puts him to bed. She comforts him by telling him that he should be healed up in a day or two. Howard feels like it will take much longer to heal than recommended.

Later in the episode, we see Howard Wolowitz with a bell. Knowing that there is no bell in their home, she asked where he got it. At this point, Howard raises the bell that is an app on his phone. Bernadette, of course, takes this from her husband.

After Bernadette runs some errands, she too is told to get in bed. Since she’s pregnant, the doctor told her she is doing too much. At this point, both of the Wolowitz adults are forced to get some rest.

This, of course, is when Baby Halley starts to cry. Surprisingly, both Raj and Stuart are busy, but Penny is there to help. The Wolowitz couple is reluctant, but Penny does them both a huge favor and helps out.

What did you think of this hilarious episode of The Big Bang Theory?

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