It’s not all fun and games on the set of the sitcom, The Big Bang Theory. Actress Kaley Cuoco has recently revealed how she’s more focused than ever on the sitcom. This could be because Season 11 and Season 12 could be the end of the show.

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

“Raw footage of me being extremely focused and hard working during tonight’s The Big Bang Theory,” writes Kaley Cuoco. This photo was taken while filming the episode, “The Collaboration Contamination.”

Kaley Cuoco looks off as Jim Parsons and Johnny Galecki focus on the script.

Kaley Cuoco On Set Of TBBT

TBBT Set | Photo Credit Kaley Cuoco

Despite the joke on set, it’s clear that all of the actors work very hard on the series. The Big Bang Theory has been one of the top comedies on television now for a decade, and that’s thanks to the cast and crew.

While Kaley Cuoco can often be a jokester on set, it’s clear she puts in the work on and off the set. Not only do all of her jokes hit well on set, but she works hard to stay in shape between episodes.

Kaley Cuoco’s beauty is a big portion of the character that is Penny.

Penny Talks With Sheldon Cooper

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

In the actual episode, we got to see a different side of Penny. For many, it would appear that she feels neglected amongst so many intellects. However, Penny’s street smarts make up for her lack of a doctorate more often than not.

In “The Contamination Collaboration,” we see that Penny finally figures out the best way to talk to Sheldon Cooper. After she finds one of Bernadette’s parenting books, she uses the methods to cope with Sheldon’s many anxieties.

She listens to his complaints and then validates his feelings. This is enough to calm anyone down, even the anxious Sheldon. Later, she teaches Leonard how to use the method by giving their friend two choices.

Usually, Sheldon gets his way right then and there. However, Penny told Leonard to give their friend two options that were acceptable to him. Surprisingly, this led to Sheldon getting an Uber and not bothering his friend anymore.

What do you think of Penny’s methods in the newest episode?

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