The Big Bang Theory is perhaps one of the best comedies to mix science with a sitcom, but it’s not always correct. Despite being mostly accurate, the show has the occasional scientific inconsistency.

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

The first major error comes from the Russian Rocket Reaction. Then, Howard was allowed to join the Russians in space. However, if you’ve followed Howard on the show, it’s clear his health isn’t good enough to survive in space.

For one example, his transient idiopathic arrhythmia is one of the many conditions that would make him stay on the ground.

Big Bang Theory Wrong: Incorrect Chemical Presentation

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

On occasion, The Big Bang Theory uses the wrong scientific terms. In one example, a whiteboard uses hydrostatic instead of hydraulics. Despite being fact-checked by UCLA physicist David Saltzberg, errors still do occur.

In addition to Saltzberg, who reviews each script to make sure scientific principles are correct, Ph.D. Mayim Bialik also checks on things on set. 

Regardless, the occasional error slips through.

The biggest error, however, comes from Sheldon Cooper who gets things wrong, despite being a genius.

Genius Sheldon Cooper Is Often Wrong.

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

In addition to Howard’s health and the occasional whiteboard error, Sheldon Cooper is often wrong despite his genius. Some of these examples are small, while others are quite large.

For one example, Sheldon reveals that a wine glass makes the sound B flat, while physics say the sound is just B. In addition, he has also said that ears do not cross hemispheres, but they do.

Outside of these examples, Sheldon Cooper often uses his opinion over science. This makes him look wrong more than usual, but he doesn’t see it. Due to this arrogance, Sheldon is not only wrong, but often disliked by colleagues.

In the end, however, the show does a great job keeping everything as real as possible. Whenever a show reaches this level of success, meaning millions of eyes watch, there are going to be errors that get caught.

Have you noticed any major errors in The Big Bang Theory?

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