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PetsMay 20, 2018

10 Success Stories That Prove Senior Dogs Are Worth Adopting

7 min readSenior dogs are available all over the country, however, there are very few senior dog adoptions happening. In fact, senior dogs spend the longest amount of time in shelters and rescues, with many not finding their own forever home. However, after reading these senior dog adoption stories, we are positive more people will realize just how wonderful an older dog is.

by Sirena Van Schaik
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Duck DynastyMay 20, 2018

The Robertsons Head Home – REUNITED At Last!

4 min readJep and Jessica Robertson headed back to West Monroe Louisiana last weekend, for a family filled trip on Mother’s Day. Here’s how the Robertsons celebrated the holiday. Jep and Jessica Return Home Jep and Jessica Robertson threw their five kids into their family bus and sped back to West Monroe. The couple famously sold their
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by Eli Smith
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