WATCH: How Shelton Made Gwen Fall In Love With Oklahoma


Folks like Blake Shelton are the “reason god made Oklahoma.” True Okies have that red dirt in their blood as much as on their feet. And Shelton is definitely a true Okie. So when he started dating a California girl, he had to find a way to introduce his new love to his existing one.

No Love for Dirt

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani (photo from E! Online)

In a recent appearance on The Ellen Degeneres Show, Stefani shared that she doesn’t have a native love for Oklahoma. In fact, she doesn’t even really like dirt. And if you’ve ever spent time in Oklahoma, you know that dirt is definitely something you find there.

But any Shelton fan knows how much the Tishomingo native adores his home state. He spends as much time on his ranch there as possible. When he started dating Gwen, Shelton had to find a way for her to be comfortable there. So he went all out.

According to Stefani, the first thing he did was to replicate all the creature comforts of her kitchen. He took photos of all of her appliances and gadgets and then had replicas put into the kitchen at his “lodge” (as she described it). Everything from her coffee maker to her blender. 

And given that she doesn’t like dirt, he solved that problem (as much as one can on acres of country land). “His lodge is like a big man cave,” she shared. “It just goes from house to dirt. I guess he went crazy putting a slab in … of concrete so you didn’t have to walk in the dirt. And he built this overhang thing.” 

But it isn’t a one-way street. She also shared that she’s is working to make him just as much at home with her in California.

Furniture that Fits

Shelton has just as many challenges being at home at Stefani’s place as she does at his ranch. So to make him more comfortable, she is surprising him with furniture for Christmas– furniture that actually fits him.

Stefani shared that Shelton doesn’t really fit on her couch, so she’s replacing it with a bigger one (it rather reminds one of the scene in Alice in Wonderland when Alice mushroomed in size and couldn’t fit in the house). She also bought him a recliner that holds his beverages.

You can watch her full interview above. 

It will be interesting to see if the two continue to try to make each other comfortable in their own spaces– or create a new one they share together.