Even after his death at age 90, Chuck Berry continues to set the standard for classic rock. He just released a posthumous single.

Chuck Berry was a rocker even into his old age (photo via ABC News) Berry passed away on March 18 in his home in the St. Louis area. Although he had already announced his new album, CHUCK, in October, he had not yet released any of the music from it. He hadn’t released any records since 1979 with Rock It.

In 2014, his health issues required him to slow down a bit. He realized he wasn’t the chipper young rocker he used to be.

“Of the five most important things in life, health is first,” Berry once said. “Education or knowledge is second, and wealth is third. I forget the other two.”

Nearly a week after his death, his family announced his new single, “Big Boys.”

Album artwork for Chuck Berry’s posthumous album, CHUCK (image via NPR)

CHUCK is coming out on June 16, but we now have a taste of what it will sound like. Spoiler: the intro begins with the guitar riff from his hit song “Johnny B. Goode.” And that song isn’t the only time he dates himself, hearkening back to the golden days. Also on the album are the songs “Lady B. Goode” (an obvious reference) and “Jamaica Moon” (a reference to his older song “Havana Moon”).

He also celebrates family on this record. “Lady B. Goode” involves three generations of Berry, his daughter Ingrid sings on “Darlin’,” and the cameos of old friends are very present.

Even death can’t kill the King of Rock n’ Roll.

Listen to Berry’s single, “Big Boys”:

CHUCK tracklist:

  1. “Wonderful Woman”
  2. “Big Boys”
  3. “You Go To My Head”
  4. “3/4 Time (Enchiladas)”
  5. “Darlin’”
  6. “Lady B. Goode”
  7. “She Still Loves You”
  8. “Jamaica Moon”
  9. “Dutchman”
  10. “Eyes Of Man”

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