country music videosphoto from Country music is usually known for songs like “Tear In My Beer” and “Whiskey Lullaby,” or simply for songs about beer, girls, and trucks (in that order). But make no mistake, country music artists can be pretty dang funny, whether through lyrics or, in the case of this article, through music videos.

Basically, country music stars are not serious all the time. Here are five of the most hilarious country music videos. 

Go ahead. Laugh it up.

“I Don’t Even Know Your Name” — Alan Jackson

The first shot shows the very funny Jeff Foxworthy in a dentist chair under anesthesia, when suddenly, he’s in a bar. Next thing you know, after too many tequila shots, he’s falling in love with a very attractive waitress. And then he marries her, and she ends up being not so good looking after all.

“The More I Drink” — Blake Shelton

In this hilarious clip, Shelton encourages his friend to drink until he’s drunk. A girl gets into a fight with the big-statured country singer, a bar brawl breaks out, and everyone is arrested. It only gets worse: The friend tries to take his pants off, and Shelton is left with trying to keep him from doing so.

“Girl in a Country Song” — Maddie & Tae



Women aren’t objects. They’re not products for sale. They’re not what you want them to be.

That’s the general idea of this video. The roles are reversed in this video, which results in young men in jorts, cowgirl boots, and crop tops. They go around doing the stereotypical thing that a girl would do in any other country music video.

Want to feel awkward but laugh at the same time? Watch this video.

“Why Wait” — Rascal Flatts

What do you get when you combine Rascal Flatts, Penn & Teller, and The Hangover? This video.

This video, that’s what. 

This is a parody of The Hangover starring the band alongside the comedy duo Penn & Teller. It involves being drunk out of their minds and not remembering what they did the night before. 

“As Good as I Once Was” — Toby Keith

Keith is familiar with funny videos — he’s made a few. 

But this video wins the award for most self-deprecating. It goes through a man’s aging process and how he gets rejected by a girl multiple times. 

It ends up with Keith getting in a bar fight and eventually ending up in a hospital. 

“Online” — Brad Paisley

Returning to a Paisley music video, William Shatner and Jason Alexander directed and acted in this belly-laugher of a video (the two showed up in Paisley’s video for “Celebrity” in 2003).

Alexander (aka George Costanza from Seinfeld) is a nerdy pizza delivery boy still living with his parents. Shatner, on the other hand, is much, much cooler; he plays Paisley.

There you go — funny stuff in country music. Did you LOL?

Let us know about some other funny country music videos in the comments!



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