Blake Shelton is an Oklahoma farm boy, raised up right in the country way. So he knows a thing or two about farm life–and his way around a cow. So what happens when he invites his partner-in-crime, Jimmy Fallon, to milk a cow with him? Hilarity.

“Howdy Doody”

Blake Shelton and Jimmy Fallon (photo from Entertainment Tonight)

Blake and Jimmy have a long comedic history. One time when Shelton was on his show, Jimmy had him try sushi. This was definitely not something Blake enjoyed. (He spit it out and said the texture was “like play doh.) So, given that turnaround is fair play, Shelton decided to put Fallon in the middle of his world. (At least, as much in the middle of it as one can get in New York).

The bit begins with the two men and a cow, Oreo. Right off the bat, Shelton admonished Fallon for his “disrespectful” appearance, and said he looked like “Howdy Doody.” “You think this is a joke?” he said to Jimmy with a slight chuckle. Fallon was all-our “Green Acres,” wearing overalls and a plaid shirt.



Blake Shelton and Jimmy Fallon (photo from

The first part is Shelton attempting to teach him the basic of milking, which is both hilarious and includes so not-so-subtle inneundo. Shelton tells Fallon that he can’t just “grab a teet,” but that this is about “finesse” and “romance.” He then goes on to show Jimmy the correct way to grab the nipple, which has Jimmy stifling his laughter.

Fallon finally attempts to milk Oreo–right into his cereal bowl. But not before she kicks over the milk pail. Shelton comforts the poor creature, assuring her that it was Fallon’s fault. Shelton, disgusted and out of patience, takes matters into his own hands and manages to milk Oreo, no problem. Jimmy attempted to help, but did get actually get milk? You’ll have to watch the video and see.

The best part of the skit is at the end, when Shelton pulls a prank on Fallon. It has a high school boy quality to it that is funny and a bit endearing. The two have wonderful comedic chemistry, and no doubt all of their fans are hoping they do more of this fun stuff in this new year.

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