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Duck Dynasty Gets Worse News As It’s Ending, The Robertsons Need Your Support

By Arthur Tubman | Monday Monday Staff -    2016-08-25

Yours and our favorite bearded family,

The Robertsons have had a long, dramatic, and fun history on A&E. This family has touched the hearts of many across the nation, when they tune in to watch their show Duck Dynasty.

But the family has come under fire for their religious views. 

They are such a religious family that A&E and other stations have had to censor their religion. They have also been slowing stomping out the Robertson legacy…

It doesn’t fit with the “mainstream” image.

The Roberston family has built a multi-million dollar empire selling duck related gear for hunting. 

It is the true story of the America dream coming to fruition. 

The show first aired in 2012, and no one could have guessed how big it was really going to become. Never in a million years did anyone think that the show would be able to make it to it’s 10th season. With a cast of real American people that represent the vast majority of us (not air-brushed hollywood perfection) resonates with the viewers and helps them connect. 

As the show continued the audience became more and more obsessed with the Robertson’s mannerisms, and eccentric nature. There is something truly fascinating about this family that America can just not get enough of. So views from across the nation gather around their television to watch the Robertson family.

According to,

When the series reached its Season 4, the Robertson family and the reality of the show made headlines almost everyday. Duck Dynasty served as some sort of a breather from reality shows like Keeping up with the Kardashians and Real Housewives where characters basically show off their luxurious lifestyle and mediocre problems.

The Robertson family, however, is not like the Brown family of Alaskan Bush People whose selling value is the struggle. In fact, The Robertsons are a comfortable family, just living in a swamp. The series has a lot of funny moments and lifestyle practicality that attracted the fans.

Now that Season 10 just ended, fans are wondering if Duck Dynasty will be renewed for one more season. Unlike previous runs, the renewal this time around is much more uncertain. This is probably because of the declining viewership of the series.

As reported by The Bitbag, the series gained 11.7 million viewers during its Season 4, which was considered the peak of the show. Then the ratings declined constantly since then. In fact, Season 10’s premiere only gathered 1.3 million viewers that are a substantial decline.

America is praying that they will again gain viewership that they need to stay above water. This why they need your support now more than ever. The threat of being cancelled has never been so real until now. They are calling upon their fans to spread this message.

If you are a true fan of Duck Dynasty share this on Facebook, and spread the news, letting people know we want more of the Robertsons!

Do you want to have another season of Duck Dynasty? Do you love the Robertson family? Leave your comments below!


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