Sadie Robertson’s new collection has hit Rue21 stores all over the country. This new debut of Wild Blue Denim is just in time for the holidays!

Sadie Robertson Just Made a Big Announcement

photo by @legitsadierob via instagram.comphoto by @legitsadierob via

On Sadie Robertson’s Instagram account she told her 2.8 million followers that she had teamed up with Rue21 for a new fashion collection. The Duck Dynasty teen said, “Hey Y’all, guess what?❣️ The time has finally come! My holiday collection with @wildbluedenim is IN STORES NOW at @rue21official!!!” Sadie seemed excited and pictured herself in a denim jacket with flowers in her hair. The script on the jacket read, “Fearless” which fits with Sadie’s Live Original brand.

Live Original- The Brand of a Teenager

photo by @legitsadierob via instagram.comphoto by @legitsadierob via

Sadie has spent the past few years building up her brand Live Original. The phrase originally stemmed from her best-selling book, Live Original: How the Duck Commander Teen Keeps It Real and Stays True to her Values. The book speaks to Sadie’s message of being true to yourself and not swayed by outside forces in the world.  

A Likely Partnership

Rue21 loved Sadie’s message of Live Original and wanted to partner with the teen to spread their similar message.  Rue21’s Vice President of Marketing told Global News Wire, “We encourage our customers to use fashion as a voice; to experiment with different styles that allow them to express their individuality. And that’s what Sadie exemplifies.”  

The Rue21 Brand 

photo by @wildbluedenim via instagram.comphoto by @wildbluedenim via

Rue21 is a retailer that aims for the teenage dynamic.  They believe that fashion and self-expression help teens to become their authentic and true selves. “Wild Blue” is a denim line sold in the over 1200 Rue21 retailers nationwide. “Wild Blue” has also expressed similar ideologies to Sadie Robertson. They said, “Our purpose and reason in creating Wild Blue Denim is to make every girl that wears our clothing feel free and confident in expressing their style.”

Social Media Marketing

photo by @wildbluedenim via instagram.comphoto by @wildbluedenim via

Many brands are teaming up with social media influencers to create fashion and lifestyle lines. They know that the teenage crowd is easily influenced by the social media stars, and they see things like Instagram posts, Facebook articles, and tweets as a direct way to communicate with their customers. Sadie wrote on her Instagram, “Can’t wait to see how Y’all rock your new Wild Blue outfits, use the hashtags #wildbluedenim#rue21xwildblue so I can see your looks!#fearless behind the scene video on the Sadie app ❌⭕️Asking fans to get involved and show their looks is a great marketing tool!

Instagram Contests

In the spirit of social media marketing, there will also be contests on Instagram for Rue21 and WildBlue. Sadie plans to interact with fans to give away prizes and parts of the collection. More on that to come!

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