Are the Robertsons trying to break into the Country music industry? It seems the Duck Dynasty family is becoming more and more interested in the Nashville scene these days. Here’s where you should look for the Robertsons in Country Music

The Robertsons In Country Music

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The Robertsons in country music just makes sense. Their lives imitate a country music song to a T. They live on the land, and they hunt, they love hard, and they’re all gorgeous. 

It seems the family is taking a huge interest in the music industry these days. Most recently Sadie Robertson announced she would be starring in Brett Eldridge’s new music video. Brett Eldridge‘s song The Long Way talks about a small southern town. It makes sense that he’d pick a cute little West Monroe native to portray his leading lady. 

Brett says the song he and Sadie will be portraying is “about getting to know somebody more than just on the surface. Getting to know somebody deep down to their core. It’s more than just taking the long way around their town; it’s through their imagination. It’s them telling you everything about where they came from…”

Loved having our boy Josh Abbott on our #podcast He’s one talented Texan!!! And loved that he sang us some of his songs from his new album! Check em out!!! #thejepandjessshow @podcastone @joshabbottband

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However, Sadie isn’t the only Robertson taking interest in music. Jessica and Jep Robertson recently hosted Josh Abbot on their podcast. Abbot is a well-known musician from Texas. Jessica says he even played songs from his new album for her and her hubby.

Reed Robertson’s Musical Career

Here’s my favorite song from the EP! It was the most fun to make. What’s your favorite?

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Reed Robertson, the son of Jase and Missy Robertson, has made his debut in the music industry. The young man moved to Nashville last year with his bride, Brighton. He released an EP entitled Catching Light last June. He plays both guitar and banjo and writes his music. While many of his songs are inspired by his Christian faith, he still considers himself in the country category, and not worship.

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Do you think all of the Robertsons should continue to pursue the Country Music industry?

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