Bella Robertson just dropped some major knowledge about her sister Sadie Robertson. Sadie has been making quite a name for herself in the music industry lately. However, Bella recently wrote that Sadie, “has never been into music.” Could this be true?

Bella Robertson Describes Her Sister

20 years old, wow! your smile is endless and i love you for it. keep doing what your doing its working for ya. so heres to 20 more years of laughing with/at you ? i love you more and more each year

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In a recent guest blog post for Live Original, Bella Robertson explained that she and her sister Sadie could not be more different.

Bella admitted that she’d often felt negatively compared to her sister. She wrote, “I had just really started looking like my sister, Sadie. Although I love this compliment so much, I was also getting comments like “Wow! You look so much like Sadie, but she’s the prettier one.” For a long time, I let comments like these come in and steal my joy. I let comments like that define me.”

However, Bella quickly realized she’s completely different from her sister. She now finds no need to compare the two girls. She then went into a full paragraph about why she and Sadie are different.

happy happy happy ?

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The most shocking revelation that Bella made was that Sadie isn’t all that interested in music. Bella wrote, “I love to sit in my space and listen to music. Sadie has never been into music.”

So does this mean Sadie Robertson’s recent involvement in both Brett Eldredge’s music video, and Anthem Light’s single were completely out of character? It’s hard to believe that a girl with no interest in music would take on two huge projects in the industry.

Other Differences

comment if u think i have more chill like if u think she does #comment

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Bella also told us that Sadie doesn’t have much interest in sports. She revealed, “If it’s Friday night, you will find me cheering on all my guy friends at a football game, and Sadie would be calling the quarter’s innings.”

Perhaps the most defining difference is Bella’s preference to behind the scenes work. While Sadie Robertson loves to be in front of the camera (She’s starred in tons of fashion shows, movies, and videos) Bella prefers to stay behind the lens. 

Seems like these sisters don’t have much in common. However, they do love each other, and they find strength in their differences. Bella Robertson said, “It actually makes Sadie and I a more powerful pair of sisters because of our differences. She has taught me how to live original, and I have taught her how to live fearless. When we understand our differences can be our greatest strengths, we empower each other to be the strongest, boldest and loudest we have ever been.”


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