Listen Closely To The First 30 Seconds Of Sadie’s New Song To Hear…

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Sadie Robertson recently recorded a song with the Christian Music group Anthem Lights. It seems Sadie is stepping into the music industry more and more lately.

Sadie Robertson’s Music Career

…. just be YOU. coming soon. šŸ™‚ @anthemlightsband

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Sadie Robertson decided to step out of her comfort zone last week. The youngĀ Duck Dynasty star recorded a song with Anthem Lights. Anthem Lights is a popular Christian music group that has performed with Sadie on theĀ Live Original tour.Ā 

Sadie decided to collaborate with the group and push her artistic limits. She told fans, “UM GUYS … may or may not be recording a brand new song called ‘Just Be You’ withĀ @anthemlightsbandĀ that we may or may not be performing on theĀ @liveoriginalĀ tour for the first time live…And I may or may not of peed my pants when they asked me to do this.Ā #livefearless.”

Sadie posted a sneak peak video of the song to her Instagram page. She titled it “Just be YOU.” The lyrics include, “There will always be people talking…Face your fears and chase your dreams and dance like no one’s watching.”

Sadie has been posting videos of her singing more frequently since her move to Nashville. Perhaps the star has caught the music city bug. We wonder if she will even create her own solo album one day.

Music Video Madness

hey @bretteldredge looks like a good day to shoot a music video. What do y'all say? #thelongway

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Sadie is just getting her feet wet in the music business. However, the Anthem Lights Collaboration isn’t the first time Sadie’s gotten involved with the music industry. Earlier this month she filmed a music video with Brett Eldredge for his hit songĀ The Long Way.Ā Brett seemed excited to work with the young star, and fans are eagerly awaiting the project’s release.

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In addition to Brett’s video, Sadie has previously starred in Lawson Bate’s video forĀ Past The Past. It seems Sadie fits the bill for beautiful girls in country music videos.

Living in Nashville was bound to catch up to Sadie Robertson at some point. We’re incredibly excited for her to be venturing into a new area of the entertainment industry. Can you imagine what her solo album might be? We wonder if it would be more praise and worship music, or more country songs.


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