Sadie Robertson Is Trying To Become A Country Music Star?!


Sadie Robertson is pushing the envelope and finding new ways to reach out to her fan base. The former Duck Dynasty star caught the Nashville bug, and has now recordered her own song.

Sadie Robertson Goes Country

Sadie Robertson has gone country. Well, country music that is. The Duck Dynasty star was already as country as can be. She grew up in a small town in Louisiana. We watched her grow up surrounded by hunting, fishing, and cooking. Her childhood would make the perfect country song. That’s why it makes so much sense that Sadie is finally joining the Country Music scene.

Sadie moved to Nashville last year. Since then she’s been traveling the country with her Live Original tour, and participating in many entertainment industry projects. Most recently Sadie teamed up with Brett Eldredge. Sadie will be starring in his new music video for the song Long Way Home. We’re super excited to see the finished product. Sadie has the perfect all-American girl next door look, and we’re sure the video will be stunning.

However, Sadie isn’t only starring in music videos. She’s also recording her own songs. Sadie posted this week announcing, “UM GUYS……. may or may not be recording a brand new song called Just Be You with @anthemlightsband that we may or may not be performing on the @liveoriginal tour for the first time live and I may or may not of peed my pants when they asked me to do this. #livefearless.”

Sadie’s Tour

Sadie met Anthem Lights Band on tour. She has many musical artists join her on the road. The band helps cultivate an encouraging worship atmosphere for attendees. Sadie’s also been posting quite a few music videos on her Youtube and Instagram page. The star prefers to sing worship music, but she also sprinkles in Country and even rap from time to time.

We personally think Sadie Robertson would make a great addition to the Nashville music scene. Would you buy a record by her?