Something has gone very very wrong in Big Bang Theory world. In the upcoming Big Bang episode it seems all of the gyroscope equipment is missing. On top of that, Sheldon receives devastating news.

The Gyroscope Collapse

There are only two episodes left in Big Bang Theory season 10, but it seems there’s still quite a bit of drama to go. We’ve been told that the episode will open with the gang celebrating the men’s gyroscope project. Howard even says he thinks a movie will be written about their work.

However, things turn for the unexpected when the men arrive to an empty lab. It appears all of their equipment has either been moved or stolen. Knowing these guys, this isn’t going to go over well.

On top of this confusion it seems Sheldon will have another emotional blow to deal with. Amy has been offered a summer position researching at an East Coast university. She has to figure out the right way to break the news to Sheldon. This is especially sad considering how well Sheldon and Amy have been doing lately. The pair seem to be really enjoying living together.

One thing that is definitely confusing is, why is Sheldon in an empty apartment? In these released photos from CBS we see Sheldon sulking in a completely bare room. We know why he’s sulking, but why is everything gone? Wouldn’t only Amy be moving out? 

Sheldon and Amy Say Goodbye

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In the final photos we see Sheldon and Amy kissing- a rare and exciting occurrence. However, we can’t be sure if they have decided to stay together over the summer or go on a break. Plus, has Sheldon totally forgotten about the gyroscope?

It seems like Amy is leaving in the final scenes, but why is Sheldon the one holding the packed suitcase? 

We’ll just have to tune in for the next Big Bang Theory episode, The Gyroscope Collapse. Do you think Sheldon and Amy will stay together?

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