Daryl Only Concerned With Army, Not Individuals

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Daryl Dixon has lost his compassion. In “Something They Need,” there are several points that prove he’s only out for blood. It all starts while he’s laying dynamite and Jesus brings up the disappearance of Rosita and Sasha.

“Sasha’s a good shot. Rosita knows how to take care of herself,” confirmed Daryl to Jesus’ regret for not stopping the duo. “Probably back at Hilltop right now. At least I hope so. We’re going to need ‘em. There’s a whole lot of people still gotta die…”

Daryl isn’t concerned about their safety, just about the future war with the Saviors.

Jesus is the Only Person to Show Compassion

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Later, when they take Oceanside, Jesus is the only one to show that they do have some compassion (besides Tara). While holding up a few of the Oceansiders outside of the armory, Jesus said “Please” as if to show them there’s no intention of harm.

Daryl is all business at this point. Based on his comments earlier in the day, it’s doubtful he would second-guess having to kill someone if it meant not completing this mission.

In the final minute, we see a new rage in Daryl Dixon…

Daryl Would Have Killed Dwight

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

When Rick’s crew gets back to Alexandria, having taken Oceanside’s arsenal, Rosita is there to open the gate. Once the crew made it inside, she said Sasha’s not there, but she does have someone else with her.

Daryl, Rick and the gang find Dwight inside of Morgan’s jail cell. Daryl pushes Michonne, Tara, and Jesus aside to go after Dwight. Rick and the others are finally able to stop him before he gets too close.

There’s something in Daryl’s eyes that we haven’t seen before. Perhaps it’s the thoughts of all of those dog food sandwiches, but he’s thinking more about revenge than logic at this point.

They need to see what Dwight has to say, but Daryl wants him dead.

Do you think Daryl’s anger will catch up with him and get him killed?

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