Every family has their share of hard times, laughs and heartwarming moments. The Roberson family has shared many of theirs with us. Television families that share both their imperfections and triumphs are rare. Let’s look at a few of the Robertson family moments they’ve shared over the years.

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Mia Robertson’s speech was simple, sweet and authentic.

Jase and Missy Robertson asked their youngest, and only daughter, what she would like to do before her fifth surgery. After her dad shot down her mom’s idea of a bowling party, Mia’s came up with her own idea.

Mia’s wanted a big family party with all of her dad’s cousins.

It was there that Mia gave one of the most heartwarming speeches. This is first on our list of Heartwarming Duck Dynasty Moments.

In the middle of the woods, surrounded by her family and extended bearded family Mia Robertson shared her heart.

“I had four surgeries so far, and I’m going to have another one in a few days. It’s a big deal… When I feel sad, or have struggles, I know that God is bigger than all that. And he is bigger than your struggles too.”

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Korie and Willie Robertson adopt a baby boy.

When Will was only a month old, Korie and Willie Robertson opened their hearts and homes.

“Korie and I adopted Will when he was only a month old. And it was one of the happiest days of my life.”

Willie says that will has grown up to be a true Robertson.

Raising a daughter like being hopped up on espresso. Everything goes in fast forward, then there’s the inevitable crash. For Willie that crash was when he realized that Sadie was 18 years old. She had blossomed into a beautiful young woman.

If you ask Phil Robertson, what one of his treasured family moments were, and it might surprise you.

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When the Robertson family surprised a deserving “neighbor” with a new house. The entire clan stood on the deck, and shouted “Merry Christmas, this is your new house.”

“I thought we could be the secret Santa and get a special gift for a special person,” Willie Robertson told his family during the episode, entitled ” A Home for the Holidays.”

In this episode, the Robertsons wanted to bless a family that they had known for over 40 years. It was an African-American family that went to their church.

Willie had grown up with this family, he and Paul Lewis were best friends. As the family fell on finacial hard times, their house fell in disrepair. So the Robertsons did something about it. They provided a new home for the family.

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“Loving God and loving your neighbor are the two greatest commandments in the Bible.” Phil Robertson said. In this heartwarming episode, we got to watch the Robertson family live our their faith in a tangible way.

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