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The decisions that you have to make as a new mom are overwhelming. Will you breast feed? When are you going back to work? Are you even going back to work? Should you use a pacifier? What is the best formula? Korie Robertson, mother of six children, says that’s not all. Parents have bigger fish to fry.

For Korie Robertson, the reality and gravity of parenthood donned on her at a bible study. When the leader asked the question,

“What values and traits do you want to instill into your children?”

That’s when she realized that raising children is more about the big questions to answer than all the little questions. It’s about the big decisions. The life changing decisions about the life, and quality of character you want your children to have.

Parenting is about looking ahead, and deciding what kind adult you want your child to become. The small decisions have little impact on your child as an adult. What kind of adults

Strong and Kind, is the title of Korie’s book, published by Thomas Nelson.

“I wanted them to be strong,” Korie told an assembly at Liberty University, were John Luke and Mary Kate are enrolled. “Because I knew they were going to deal with some tough times in this world.”

Korie acknowledged that her children are going to have a hard time in this world. It’s not going to be easy. So she made it her goal to give her children the strength to make it through those times.

“I wanted them to have the strength in knowing that God is with them. And when He is for them, nothing can be against them.”

“And I wanted them to have that strength, even though they might be tossed and turned they would never break. They will keep their roots in God, and who was living in them.”

Just as important in Korie’s mind was their kindness. She explained that she wanted her children to treat everyone they met with kindness. It doesn’t matter who they are, where they stood or what they have been through. Treating everyone with the same love and kindness is a trait she wanted her children to have.

Korie said that she believed love and kindness is something the world could use more of. And if everyone just did more of it, the world would be a little better place.

Those were the traits that she choose for her children. Then she prayed those qualities over them. Both she, and her husband Willie Robertson CEO of Duck Commander, and boss on Duck Dynasty, talked about these traits. Then, they worked together to instill them into their children from a very young age.

What traits are important to you?

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