The Holiday episodes on The Big Bang Theory are among our favorites. And what’s not to like? They are really funny, heartwarming and they create that unique festive atmosphere in the air. Moreover, they are educational! So, what do the holiday episodes in “The Big Bang Theory” teach us?

Choose the presents carefully!

Let’s take Sheldon as an example. He’s definitely not the one to care much for others. That’s why choosing the New Year’s gift for his friend Penny becomes some kind of a challenge for him. He seems to be totally perplexed and bewildered. But when he himself gets a really cool and unique present, the impregnable fortress of his indifference fell down.

By:  That's The Spirit!By: That’s The Spirit!

So, guys, not only can you melt an ice-cold heart, with an awesome present and making the person happy; you increase your chances of getting a nice present too.

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Do Something Good, Give Second Chances!

Do you remember the episode, when Leonard was going to meet his schoolmate, who scoffed at him at school? They say that our childhood emotional traumas accompany us through life.  So don`t you think it was an easy choice for Leonard! Still, Leonard found the strength to give that dude a chance. Is this the true holiday spirit? Maybe, we should try getting out of our comfort zones in order to improve our lives for the best? And giving a second chance for someone is not that bad after all, this time of the year is best for such a step.

By: Learn from these guys!

    By: Learn from these guys!

Family and Friends Always Matter!

By: The more- the marrier!By: The more – the merrier!

The holiday season is all about family and being with the people dearest to you. Remember the episode, where the guys were plotting to spend the New Year night time playing video games? All the trouble they went through trying to get rid of the girls and how did it all end? The sneaky plot was discovered and they learned how awesome it really is to spend time together with the ones you care about and love. And this is something we should note!

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