Mayim Bialik and Melissa Ruach Talk Adolescence

Image result for mayim bialik and melissa rauchphoto by There’s quite a bit of Jewish culture onset at The Big Bang Theory. Mayim Bialik, Melissa Rauch, and Simon Helberg are all Jewish, and in a fun and exciting interview Mayim and Melissa sat down and talked about the themes they each chose for their own bat mitzvahs.

 Mayim Bialik is famous for her outspoken nature, sometimes less than normal parenting choices, and firm Jewish faith. She often writes for, advocates for Israel, and writes about her kosher diet. 

Melissa Rauch was also raised Jewish, along with onscreen husband Simon Helberg. She and Mayim are very close friends. They have a lot in common, and their dressing rooms are also right next to each other on set. The pair decided to sit down and talk about Melissa’s movie The Bronze, but instead, they segued into talking about childhood memories.

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Mayim had a particularly unique theme for her bat mitzvah- Water. Mayim’s name means “water” and therefore, her celebration was themed after H20. She said, “Mine was “water” since my name means “water.” We had submarine sandwiches, fishbowls on the tables, and everything was the color of the ocean. It was awesome.” Can you imagine fishbowls on the tables? We wonder if the vegan actress would make such a centerpiece now.

Melissa Rauch’s Comedy Club

Melissa’s bat mitzvah theme was even wilder. She recalled, “My theme was “Melissa’s Comedy Club” and yes–t-shirts bearing the name were included. The shirts said, “I laughed my sides off at Melissa‘s Comedy Club.” I really wanted them to say “I laughed my ASS off at Melissa‘s Comedy Club,” but my parents decided it was too vulgar for a religious occasion’s party favor.” 

Melissa has admitted that she would often listen to tapes of Ellen Degeneres’ stand up comedy as a child and clearly wanted her own comedy club. She described her party saying, “The comedy club theme was really an excuse for me to use the platform to perform a stand-up set at the reception, as I had a captive audience. It was an awkward display of impersonations ranging from Ross Perot to Jackee from the TV show ‘227.’”

Clearly, the practice was helpful, seeing that Mayim is now a successful comedy star. Whose bat mitzvah would you have rather attended? Mayim Bialik’s or Melissa Rauch’s?

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