Despite the devastating event in Manchester, UK, at an Ariana Grande concert, Jerrod Niemann is not worried about playing concerts.

This country star refuses to quit his day job, even after being threatened (photo via Rick Diamond / Getty Images) As terrorism becomes an increasing fear in the United States, artists and fans alike are fearing going to concerts. During an interview with Taste of Country, the Niemann opens up about refusing to allow fear to rule his life and career. He says terror is not strong enough to keep him off the stage. 

And even though the country star has gotten death threats before and even had someone bring a firearm to his concert, he is determined to not live in fear.

As he was working his way through a busy tour schedule, Niemann ended up playing a concert in a town that was the home of a woman who’d been sending death threats to him. 

“I finally played her hometown and that’s when everything was supposed to go down,” he said. “Luckily our friends in law enforcement took care of it.”

He said the woman actually showed up to the concert with a firearm. Fortunately, she was arrested.

photo via Music Times

“It does get in your head, but you just have to do your thing and trust,” he said.

He said he just trusts our police officers and the military to keep him and everyone else safe.

“It’s just one of those things where you just have to do what you do and just have faith in the people that are our police officers or military and make sure everybody’s on the same page,” he said. “You just can’t stand behind an eight-inch glass pillar.”

He said the best way to overcome tragedies like what happened in Manchester, to “diminish fools and idiots” is to continue on with your life, not living in fear but living by faith.

“Sometimes that’s blind faith,” he said.

Watch the full interview below:

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