Duck Dynasty Gets Worse News As It’s Ending, The Robertsons Need Your Support


Yours and our favorite bearded family,

The Robertsons have had a long, dramatic, and fun history on A&E. This family has touched the hearts of many across the nation, when they tune in to watch their show Duck Dynasty.

But the family has come under fire for their religious views. 

They are such a religious family that A&E and other stations have had to censor their religion. They have also been slowing stomping out the Robertson legacy…

It doesn’t fit with the “mainstream” image.

The Roberston family has built a multi-million dollar empire selling duck related gear for hunting. 

It is the true story of the America dream coming to fruition. 

The show first aired in 2012, and no one could have guessed how big it was really going to become. Never in a million years did anyone think that the show would be able to make it to it’s 10th season. With a cast of real American people that represent the vast majority of us (not air-brushed hollywood perfection) resonates with the viewers and helps them connect. 

As the show continued the audience became more and more obsessed with the Robertson’s mannerisms, and eccentric nature. There is something truly fascinating about this family that America can just not get enough of. So views from across the nation gather around their television to watch the Robertson family.

According to,

When the series reached its Season 4, the Robertson family and the reality of the show made headlines almost everyday. Duck Dynasty served as some sort of a breather from reality shows like Keeping up with the Kardashians and Real Housewives where characters basically show off their luxurious lifestyle and mediocre problems.

The Robertson family, however, is not like the Brown family of Alaskan Bush People whose selling value is the struggle. In fact, The Robertsons are a comfortable family, just living in a swamp. The series has a lot of funny moments and lifestyle practicality that attracted the fans.

Now that Season 10 just ended, fans are wondering if Duck Dynasty will be renewed for one more season. Unlike previous runs, the renewal this time around is much more uncertain. This is probably because of the declining viewership of the series.

As reported by The Bitbag, the series gained 11.7 million viewers during its Season 4, which was considered the peak of the show. Then the ratings declined constantly since then. In fact, Season 10’s premiere only gathered 1.3 million viewers that are a substantial decline.

America is praying that they will again gain viewership that they need to stay above water. This why they need your support now more than ever. The threat of being cancelled has never been so real until now. They are calling upon their fans to spread this message.

If you are a true fan of Duck Dynasty share this on Facebook, and spread the news, letting people know we want more of the Robertsons!

Do you want to have another season of Duck Dynasty? Do you love the Robertson family? Leave your comments below!


  • A W

    “A&E have been now to cancel shows like Duck Dynasty for this reason alone.” Fire your editor. Poor oversights like this make you lose credibility as a news source.

  • Sheila Samuelson

    Yes PLEASE KEEP DUCK DYNASTY ONR A&E cause its a AMAZING show that should NEVER be cancelled!!!

    Its so family friendly where some shows aren’t like that!!!

  • Hilda

    why would anyone cancel Duck Dynasty we watch it all the time they are like a part of our family. You always cancel good clean shows and keep trash if they leave I will just let my tv rest at this time of broadcast and also I will not watch channel 118 anymore.

  • Jenny Garner Atkins


  • Russ Foster

    Yes its a good show I dont watch it to often as i quit watching TV about a year ago.

  • Peggy Roberts Way

    It’s an awesome show….so different than the usual same old shows on the other channels. It gives us a little reprieve from our own daily problems and we need all we can get from that ! Actually it’s the only l thing I watch on A&E . We need more true life shows of plain down to earth people ….not Kardashians, not Donnie whatshisname’s family show etc ! PLEASE DO NOT CANCEL DUCK DYNASTY!!!!!

  • Bravoparolees

    The global ELITISTS @ A&E didn’t like the TRUMP endorsement, F THEM! Their ratings may be down but are well within the MAJORITY of SHIT shows on cable!

  • Kristen Nicole Gunn

    Please keep Duck Dynasty on air. I love the show and all the families.

  • Cecelia Allingham

    Yes , We love watching Duck Dynasty.It is good for families to watch and we need good clean shows like this for the family.Please don’t take it off.

  • Sheila & Darin Bisel

    Enjoy and appreciate the values of our Lord, family, clean living, and decent, respectable words.

  • Sue Tharp

    yes i love the show watch every time it’s .It’s a good show but that’s the shows you cancel .Like Longmire

  • Mark Marcum

    they have millions of dollars, they are gonna be alright people!

  • Alan

    I stopped watching when A&E pulled Willie for his values. Never been back

    Find another station and I’ll watch

  • Panda Sparrow Turner

    please dont take off our duck dynasty i love this show. they are like family to me and i look forward to watching them.

  • Paul

    They are still richer than all of us, and still have their business. So why exactly do they need our help?

  • Marlene

    Love love love the show they r a great family!!

  • Justin digregorio

    It is a very good show and taking it off the air will make it that i will not ever put a&a on my tv ever again but that is just me

  • Chrissie Walker

    YES, KEEP THEM!! We watch them every time they’re on. Love them and their unashamed faith in God!

    • usorthem3

      Matthew 6:5 And when thou prayest, thou shalt not be as the hypocrites are: for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and in the corners of the streets, that they may be seen of men. Verily I say unto you, They have their reward.

      Buffet christianity= pick and choose what “god rules” are to be followed and which to ignore.

  • dolores baker

    we need duck the dynasty show in this age of violence we hear of everyday. pleaser keep the show on.


    This family is of good faith and shows that just because you have money, you don’t have to change! And the faith that they have in God is undeniable, and shows what family is all about! Love this show!

  • Anthony Pearman

    please keep duck dynasty on TV duck dynasty is the best TV show on television my family love duck dynasty

  • Ellie

    Please don’t cancel the show! It’s one of the very select few shows we can watch as a family and we all love it. From our 4 year old up! We all enjoy the show so much and would hate to see it taken off the air.

  • Lisa mcdonough

    I love the show. I just don’t get to watch it as much as I like.

  • Kelly Kramer-Atha

    Love the show! It’s one we can depend on and trust that the entire family can safely view. It’s something how you only have a few good shows airing and we have to worry about it being cancelled just so some garbage can take it’s slot! Love the faith, love the family and love the show! We support the Robertsons!!! God Bless!

  • BigTank27

    GOOD. The show and these people are fucking jokes. Bigots come to mind as well.

  • Lorrie Chavez

    Yes, keep them on! This is the only “reality” TV show I watch. Love them!

  • Max

    I love this family with their family and family values! America has turned a deaf ear to God! No they rather watch the Kardisans say the F work and. Half naked and selfies! Can’t anyone see this ! I am Totally of shocked that would let trash like. This on Tv and we can’t say we believe in Jesus because it will offend people! No I am offended of all the trash that is on tv

  • roy

    please let them stay on air

  • A. D. Tillman

    Funny stress reliever. Light comedy. Down home show. Please keep shows coming.

  • Jeff Price

    “Duck Dynasty the show first aired in 2012, and no one could have guessed
    how big it was really going to become. Never in a million years did
    anyone think that the show would be able to make it to it’s 10th season.”

    My math is coming up with 4, not 10, if it first aired in 2012…

  • Hazel Sparks

    Keep them. This is my absolute favorite show. I love their faith in God and great religious values. This is something we need more of these days.

  • Kelly

    imsure a lot of canadians cant wait to watch the show . i have the entirer collection of every series and i have adapted to the couch to never miss this show either, but like allways they take the good shows away and bring in crap shows . im sure if A&E cancelled this another net work would be glad to take this show and continue it for the viewers world wide . and if they dont the have lost a great family moral show that viewers world wide love

  • Johnna

    My whole family and I love this show! We love everything about it! #keepitgoing

  • Clyde Merrick

    Fuckin, bye…These people are freaks and delusional bigots. They have millions, now move along.

    • Donna Albertson

      What makes them bigots? Because they don’t believe the same as you? BTW, you can always turn the channel. There’s a lot of other ‘junk’ to watch.

      • Jonathan Carson

        Their outspokenness about same sex marriage. THAT’S what makes them bigots. And if you don’t see a problem with their beliefs (and I’m sure you don’t) that makes you a bigot too.

  • frances61793

    Please Keep Duck Dynasty On ! Great Show !

  • eddie Caughlin

    I live not far from them. Personally I don’t watch their show because it makes a lot of people in la look ignorant. I love some of their values but not all of them. If they want to keep airing good for them its their right..

  • Peg Fisher Meredith

    Please don’t cancel….honest, true, moral Christian family beliefs…character and love of country♡

  • Lisa Easterling Cofer

    I have enjoyed the show over the years but don’t have time to watch as often as I used to. Still, it would be a shame to lose a show that provides family values and everyday humor like this one does.

  • linda

    Yes! plz keep Duck Dynasty. I love the Robertson family, especially Uncle Si? lol They show you how much Family Matters to them and how strongly They Love God. Duck dynasty is a good Christian Family Show Plz don’t take it off the air. The show is funny too it makes me laugh my butt off. #KeepTheROBERTSONFAMILY

  • Karen Sumner

    Need more God loving programing on TV!!! Keep them on the air!!!!!

  • Roger Hohenbrink

    There is so much trash TV coming out of Hollywood like two broke girls,which I do not watch. We need more Duck Dynasty shows that have good values and make us laugh.

    • Tammi Smith

      Oh gosh, just the voices of those screeching girls annoys me,, (Two Broke Girls, )

  • Jennifer

    Awesome show. Keep it going.

  • Margaret Dodrill

    Good clean family show I love it keep it on tired of the trash that is on TV this is a decent clean show love love love it.

  • Kathy

    LOVE The show and would miss it so much if they took it off. This family knows how to be a family and should be a roll model for other family on how a family should be..Keep them on the air and in our hearts.

  • josiebag03

    You can keep a show like the Kardashians on the air but not Duck Dynasty. And society wonders why this country is going to s**t!! This just goes to prove their is no morality left because a good Christian based show can’t sustain ratings. Most so called Americans want to keep filth on tv instead of a show that talks about God. We are in desperate times.

  • obmvy59

    Lol! Typical, a decent, God loving non swearing family show and rip it off the air, first sign of stress! SMDH!

  • Rjp

    One of the main reasons I hold onto my dish network is to watch shows like this . Very few clean shows left to watch.

  • Godless Heathen

    Good riddance.

  • TLN2

    You miss the point! Leaving comments on Facebook will NOT keep Duck Dynasty on the air. WATCHING THE SHOW is what raises ratings. Networks depend on money from advertisers. Advertisers will not buy commercial air time on shows that are not watched. So writing all the letters in the world will mean nothing unless you watch the show.

  • donna

    Love this show. Love the Christian values. Keep them going.

  • Ray Stone

    about dam time -AFLAC DUCK

  • Linda Lee Wentworth

    I totally agree with Kelly Kramer-Atha! “Love the show! It’s one we can depend on and trust that the entire family can safely view. It’s something how you only have a few good shows airing and we have to worry about it being cancelled just so some garbage can take it’s slot! Love the faith, love the family and love the show! We support the Robertsons!!! God Bless!”

  • Andrea Brault

    Love this show the Robertsons and friends! Keep them on the air!!!!!!!

  • H M D

    if it first aired in 2012 and it is now 2016, how are there 10 seasons again?

    love the show but i think the Robertsons could care less whether they continue Duck Dynasty on AnE. Willie might be bummed but he had Buck Commander too. Most of them would likely find relief at the removal of the camaras and crew. Just my two cents… but they will be fine either way. They may well start another show on another channel, who knows.

    • Gina Henderson

      If the show aired in the Fall and Winter (2seasons) from 2012 – 2016. (5 years). Then that makes 10 seasons.

  • mary czerczyk

    Love the show. We need more on TV like it. Not less. KEEP THE SHOW!!!!

  • Missy Baker

    Leave them alone! #ONEGOD

    • usorthem3

      A “god” that commands all non believers must be put to death, just like ISIS as you share the same religious history of hate. 2nd chronicles 15 13

  • Willis Deaf Simpson

    Please don’t cancel this show!! Its the only one on television thats shows honest & clean family values!!

    • usorthem3

      They are MILLIONaires and live in mansions. They are fake hipster 1% made ppl like you believe they were humble country folk and you bought it all.

  • Radical Ray

    Don’t worry I’m sure CMT will pick them up

  • Cathy Alwell

    This is such a clean, refreshing show that I truly look forward to watching it every week. I wish the season would be longer. Please, please don’t cancel this program. We need the influence of this family.

  • Fearless To You

    Keep the Show !! Keep the Family Values Coming!!!

  • Idawg67

    The libtards running the channel can shive a git less about family values… MAYBE they should be run out of town….

    • usorthem3

      Typical TRUMPer comment, your kind want theocracy just like ISIS, 2nd chronicles 15 13

  • Danny Earl

    It’s really a sad commentary on our times when trash like the Kardashian clan can stay on television and a show that displays wholesome family values has to worry about being cancelled. A show that displays how a family can kid each other and, at times, make fun of each other yet still gets together and has good old fashioned family meals together! Family get togethers were everyone is laughing, talking and (don’t let the PC police know) praying together!
    A show where one of the young girls ( Willie’s daughter) is actually a GOOD role model for your daughters. A young lady that is not making news because she is posing nude or close to it!
    Yes, we NEED more of these kind of shows NOT less!

    • cowboyinbrla

      For what it’s worth, I consider the Kardashians and the Robertsons equally trashy although in different ways.

  • Deb Oberdier Farrington

    Please keep the show!! It has the family values this country needs. We watch rerun after rerun of them and our granddaughter who is 6 loves Duck Dynasty!

  • Leitornia Stokes Murphy

    Yes, my husband and I watch it all the time. I don’t have a favorite because I think they’re all great people.

  • old_cowboy

    Television programming relies on viewers and I didn’t realize just how few people are watching this show these days. I find it far too scripted for my tastes, but I appreciate there are many who simply like to watch these folks regardless and that’s just fine. Television exists to sell advertising and without viewers, they can’t sell commercials. Maybe more will tune in. If they don’t get more viewers, it is unlikely another network will pick it up.

  • ginny2shoes

    I love this family with all their success and the ups & downs the generations have experienced. It is a true American family living the American dream but it is getting old now and is too scripted trying to keep it fresh. It doesn’t hold my interest any more but would have the option to watch this than some of those other “reality” shows.

  • HeathenAngel

    Good Riddance!! Go preach your brand of hatred, divisiveness and exclusion somewhere else.

    • Jimmy v

      Examples of preaching hatred, divisiveness, and exclusion please? They’ve always appeared to me to be a very loving and caring family. Perhaps you just like to use buzz words against things you yourself hate.

      • usorthem3

        2nd chronicles 15 13 Says a lot about any religion that ever needed to murder those who don’t believe as they do, no different than ISIS.

    • Susan Boyce

      Quoting bible scripture is not hate, it’s quite the contrary. all of us have fallen short of God’s glory. And we are given the choice to live as we choose. That man is very humble and speaks of times in his life openly when he was not living for God hisself. He has never said he hated anyone. Hate is not biblical. I hate that people take what he actually said and claim he hates people who aren’t living a Godly life. He never said that. What he did was quote the bible. So you’re angry with the bible, not the Robertsons.

      • Jay

        I’m sorry, hate is not biblical? 3. Leviticus 20:13: “If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.” Have you read it or is that a situation where you can throw away a part you don’t like cause it doesn’t sound good? See if i heard someone quote that i might just be angry with the bible and most likely also the one who would believe such a disgusting, selfish, primitive idea. People that spread thoughts like that are what’s wrong with this country whether they take it to the extreme or not.

        • zbret .

          and that is just one of MANY examples of biblical hate.

        • Susan Boyce

          Romans 5:18-29 18 Therefore as by the offence of one judgment came upon all men to condemnation; even so by the righteousness of one the free gift came upon all men unto justification of life.

          19 For as by one man’s disobedience many were made sinners, so by the obedience of one shall many be made righteous.

          20 Moreover the law entered, that the offence might abound. But where sin abounded, grace did much more abound:

          21 That as sin hath reigned unto death, even so might grace reign through righteousness unto eternal life by Jesus Christ our Lord.

        • Susan Boyce

          John 13:34 A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another. 35By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another.

        • Susan Boyce

          if you truly want to know God, and seek him, you will find him.

        • Susan Boyce

          How do you explain the prophesy of the arrival of Jesus Christ in sacred texts, as shared with Adam after he was cast out of the garden. There are copies of sacred texts that include the prediction of the arrival of Jesus Christ that predate his arrival. Are you interested in knowing the whole truth? Seek and you will find it.

      • usorthem3

        2nd chronicles 15 13 All people, young and old, male and female who refuse to dedicate their life to the lord god of israel were to be put to death. Says a lot about any religion that ever needed to murder those who don’t believe as they do. OT, same place christians justify killing LGBT for their “god”.

        • Susan Boyce

          Jesus commands us to love one another in the new testament. Everything changed after Christ died on the cross, a perfect sacrifice, to atone for out sins.

    • Bill Bush

      The only hate comes from paid Soros troll POS like you, go back to sucking your master Soros.

  • Kathy Romano

    I love this family and the show..DON’T CANCEL!!!!!! Always cancelling the good, funny wholesome shows and renewing garbage,disrespectful, immoral, sexual slut programs! smh

  • Linda Scott

    Don’t cancel this show! One of the few shows that is wholesome, value based, with content that builds character. There’s always one or more good messages or things of value for children of all ages & families to be able to receive from each episode! Thank you Duck Dynasty, for holding firm to morals & values so desperately needed in today’s society. God bless you and yours

  • Jessica Lovern


    • zbret .


      • Jessica Lovern


    • usorthem3

      Matthew 6:5 typical comment of THOSE kind of people who want theocracy, 2nd chronicles 15 13

      • Jessica Lovern


        • usorthem3

          Praying to your god hasn’t helped those MURDERED in his church or those faithful in the south where he flooded them out of their homes, Tony Perkins, AFA for one who says his “god” only punishes sinners and of course the LGBT he hates so much. christianity is a virus on humanity like all religion that preaches death and hate. Says a lot about any religion that ever needed to murder those who don’t believe as they do, your “god” needs man to do his work?

          • Jessica Lovern

            And that is your god given right to believe such idiocy! That is the beauty of it you are entitled to your beliefs and opinions and I’m entitled to mine!

    • cowboyinbrla

      There are entire fucking channels devoted to “keeping people connected with the Lord”. I won’t miss this one.

      • Jessica Lovern


  • Rene Green

    Please don’t cancel Duck Dynasty. I love the Robertsons!! I love their show and me and my son enjoy watching their show. They are good hearted people and stand strong in their beliefs. We love Uncle Si, he always has us laughing. Please keep the show on the air. Thank you and God bless the Robertsons!!!

  • Mrnofun101

    Best news i have heard in a while

    • nickelfrog

      Uneducated person. Can write a complete sentence correctly?

      • marlonmark

        They can spew their hate off the air. Stupid show, for stupid people. Btw your sentence is truly amazing. Let them pray for a miracle. They made their money and now can go back to the inbreeding life they’re accustomed to.

      • usorthem3

        Look who has no idea of sentence structure but tries to berate someone else. Typical hate of a christian. “Can write a complete sentence correctly” is NOT a correct complete sentence. Stay in your mommy’s basement until you can have adult conversations.

  • Anita Schoch

    not out doors person or rdligious as the robinsons are . buti love their crazyness at home and at work .shows yuppie which is the wives and be there for there husbands husbands and raise a family . watch the program from the start on A and E.

  • Erin Leigha

    Please renew. The loyal fan base wants them on TV!

    • cowboyinbrla

      The loyal fan base that is one-tenth the size it used to be. Right.

  • Alana Danes

    Haha good riddance!

    • Keith Pace

      Why the animosity, nobody is forcing you to watch anything.

      • cowboyinbrla

        How about, because my Louisiana tax dollars are being used to finance this narcissistic onanism cast as “famileeee values” television?

    • nickelfrog

      From a transgendered person, no doubt.

      • Lou Caldwell

        More probably from somebody that doesnt buy their crap. Louisiana pays them 300,000 per show. If we have to pay for them like that, they need to be canceled

      • Mrnofun101

        hey that great your a transgender but i don,t give a fuck you do sound like a inbreed fuck head and if you think show is for real then wake up it a bunch of bull shit your being feed into

    • Lou Caldwell

      Lets eat at scots instead. They suck.

    • Bill Bush

      Bet you would love a show of libs like you pleasing your sick master George Soros, you could all make sure he has a happy ending every time.

    • marlonmark

      Ha. How do they need our help right? They made a fortune being bigots. I was told I was Satan for stating the facts. As an atheist I don’t believe in Satan either. Will I be ok?

  • Hope Sansbury Sturkie

    Please don’t cancel Duck Dynasty! It’s one of the most tasteful shows on tv and you can actually let your kids watch it and not have to worry about what they are going to see or hear. They are good men and women of God and we need that on tv now more than ever. Please keep them on tv. God bless the Robertsons!!

    • Sandy Moran

      I am so thankful that I am me! Thank you for allowing me to be thankful, and to see that the grass is greener on the other side because it is piled up with bullshit.

  • daniel munger

    one of the best shows on TV. If they don’t come back, then those other reality shows that are worse should go, too.

  • OMobbs

    The thing is duck dynasty does not need A&E, they can approach Outdoor Channel they show the reruns there. I think the ratings are low because people are not sitting at home it is summer and they are out doing things with their families. A&E should realize there is a huge fan base that will likely be lost if the cancel DD. I do not watch A&E except to watch DD.

    • Yep I knew it

      With viewership down over 90% you would be willing to finance this?

  • Garden Lucy

    they are great!!

  • Tom Harmon

    Keep it on. Good wholesome fun.

    • usorthem3

      Preaching LGBT must be put to death for your “god”? Typical christian. 2nd chronicles 15 13

  • Odie

    I watch this program because as silly & ridiculous these guys can be, they have wonderful morals! The kind of morals that most programs do not have. They give God the praise and glory they know is His. They spend time together as a family, nobody is getting drunk or arguing. They eat what they hunt and teach their children to do the right things. I wish there was more programs like this. We no longer have good family programs. In the past there was The Andy Griffith & Leave it to Beaver, the Brady Bunch Gillian’s Island. Things you could watch and not have to bleep out words or black out body part. Today’s programming is nothing like it should be. Teaching kids that partying and having expensive cloth8, homes & cars. All of that is nothing if there is no morals or gratitude or punishment for wrong doings. Keep this program on the air and perhaps create more like it or like the programs of the past.

    • robertfoutch

      Proof of God, not going to happen. Duck Dynasty family of redneck, bigots & pedophiles.

    • cowboyinbrla

      Morals? You mean over-the-age-of-majority Phil getting his mid-teenaged girlfriend knocked up and marrying her as a child bride? You mean morals as in judging people in direct contradiction of their Christian god’s injunction? You mean morals as in backing racist misogynists for president? Yeah, that’s what we need our children seeing more of. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.

    • Sandy Moran

      Perhaps a time machine will be invented, and you can go back to the early sixties and live there forever. Good luck!

  • Lou Caldwell

    Get rid of them and their restaurant sucks.

  • T2

    Duck Dynasty is one of the Awesome Programs still on Air!?

  • Stacey Renay Berrey Swain

    Sounds like Lou is jealous & probably an atheist. I love duck dynasty please don’t cancel it. They make me laugh. Absolutely love them.

  • Hazel winter

    Duck Dynasty is the best! I ask you to please keep the show on the air.

  • marlonmark

    Ha. They need our support? Why don’t they just ask God…..

    • Patty Lynette Byars

      Yep that’s a comment that only SATAN would make!!!

      • marlonmark

        Ha. Ok. Maybe they should pray more right?

      • Yep I knew it

        Most of us don’t believe in fairy-tales

      • The Truth Hurts

        He can’t be Satan, I am.

      • usorthem3

        Spoken like a true christian who wants theocracy in the USA no different than ISIS. 2nd chronicles 15 13

      • Kim Summers

        Yeah everything you don’t agree with is Satan. If politicians and wanna be actors can use religion to gain points, people can and will make fun of them for it.

  • Jim

    Nobody is forced to watch anything they don’t want to watch. I like their shows until it’s obviously made up beforehand. Jason and his attitude, Phil, a step above cro-magnon, even big headed Willy can be hard to watch at times, but it all blends in. I especially like the way the show ends at the dinner table, in prayer. Kids can watch without fear, it’s hard to find that anywhere.

    • cowboyinbrla

      Unless, of course, you (like me) think brainwashing children with religion, especially one based on fear, is something itself to be feared.

      • Jim

        Thanks for the invite to a long drawn out argument on God. I choose not to participate with you, I’m tired tonight. Let me know when you’re through with writing your own bible, if your boss (Satan) will let you do it.

        • Diamond Mike

          It would seem that someone who acknowledges that a god doesn’t exist would also accept that an evil spirit like satan also doesn’t exist. So your comment makes no rational sense . . but I guess you’re used to that.

          • Jim

            I can’t see where I acknowledged that. I didn’t stumble over my words. I believe in God and have all my life. I have the right answers for my entry into heaven, I just pray people like you can let go of your tough guy ego long enough to see the truth. Let it go, troll elsewhere.

          • Diamond Mike

            Wow, you really are fantastically stupid. I never said YOU acknowledged there is no god, imbecile. I was clearly–VERY clearly–responding to your answer to cowboyinbria, when he wrote about the fiction of god and you said his “boss” must be satan. I was only making the point that someone who doesn’t believe in a fictional god would not believe in a fictional satan. Jesus, what a clueless tool you are. Can you comprehend simple English? No, obviously, and everyone here can see for themselves your inability to stay on track.

          • Jim

            Gosh, You tough guys are all alike and grow really big muscles when you’re responding to someone on the internet. You made a statement with no names attached to it. This is like standing in a crowd and expecting a certain person to respond to you through ESP. Flex em big Diamond Mike, my sympathies to your mirrored home and selfie camera. If you had any followers or friends you wouldn’t be trolling the rest of us. Ditto on your last sentence, I think it was supposed to make me cringe and go away out of embarrassment. Not that what you said has anything to do with anything in this or any other conversation.

          • Jim

            If you look above, your comment was to me, not that Cowboy guy. Are we on track yet?

  • April Sweet

    I love Duck Dynasty, but haven’t been able to watch it in a long time as I had financial difficulties beyond my control which caused me to lose my cable and hydro for a few years and in the past 6 and a half years I’ve been living with my new boyfriend who only has basic cable of which A&E is not included in. If it hadn’t been for that I would’ve been watching it still as I really miss watching the show. Please don’t cancel this show, it’s the best show on tv in my opinion!!!!

    • Blindly_Wandering

      Then your opinion is stupid.

      • Jim

        I can’t say much, I see your name says it all.

    • Sandy Moran

      You poor thing. I think that there are some mental health facilities that base their fees on a sliding scale, so perhaps there might yet be some hope for you?

  • Giantsfan

    I’m sure they have enough fawning admirers that they can now go on speaking tours and make a couple hundred grand a crack. Good riddance, fake family.

  • Hugh Mabry

    Are you smoking crack? These plastic sons of bitchs are no more a “normal” than I am a fucking platypus. Fake from the ground up, bigots, homophobic, racist, bible thumping hypocrites is more like it.

  • James

    Good riddance!

  • Larry Hills

    If they have a multi million dollar empire,why do they need my support.I don’t support the stupid shit they stand for

  • maybe Trump will put them in his administration ( if he has one – doubtful ) … then again , maybe they’ll just fade into obscurity ….

  • wil9000

    Bye, Felicia.

  • zbret .

    Good riddance to bad rubbish. I’m disgusted that they lasted this long.

  • Diamond Mike

    These idiot supremacist KKK types represent the typical Trump voter. Duck Donald should slip them a few bucks; maybe even develop a show for them after his loss in two months.

    • Jim

      Trump should build larger mental institutions to house people like you. Then we can have a reality show about the insane. You say the typical Trump voter is like the typical KKK member, it’s good that you can tell that, I wonder where you got your statistics? Enough of my time here, I have something important to do, maybe count the threads in my socks.

      • Diamond Mike

        How does that confederate rag look in the truck window? Hey, take it easy; just joking. Listen, roll off your sister and have a beer. Life is too short to miss the little pleasures.

  • Yep I knew it

    About time…Camo wearing neanderthals

  • Greg

    Homegrown inbred terrorists

  • flyingmerkel

    Damn few of us cares, hence the low ratings.

  • The Truth Hurts

    Oh please, they made a lot of money selling duck calls then pretended to be average joes just for their show which made them even MORE money. These are wealthy rednecks, putting on a false narrative to pretend they are working class.

  • DinoDude89

    Looks like the big stinking trash is finally going to be thrown into the dumpster. i couldnt be happier.

  • Jim Price


  • Tomokun

    If only we could have gotten rid of them 9 seasons earlier…

    • Bryan Parsons

      Lol right

  • Jonathan Carson

    Obviously the majority of people have realized that the whole show is fake, and how bigoted they are towards same sex couples. They’re trash, and they’re finally being taken to the curb.

  • Blindly_Wandering

    GOOD. What a shit show filled with shit people.
    (BTW, learn how to edit your articles, this was PAINFUL to read)

    • heftyjay

      You might want to find a new vocabulary. Your present is full of…well…shit.

  • Ross Edelman

    See you in hell. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

  • Bryan Parsons

    Watch them pray to their fake Jesus and the show will still get cancelled because God is fake and their prayers are worthless

  • JamesX

    Cancel this worthless show!

  • Chuck

    I guess this would leave all you brainiacs more time to watch quality TV like Keeping Up with the Kardashians and the Real Housewives of Everywhere.

    • Brandon Vega

      Who watches tv anymore? We have the internet retard.

    • Kim Summers

      Nope. Hate those shows too. Reality shows sux period.

      • Jim

        Then quit watching them

    • LadyeCatte

      Oh, please! The closet JungleFever Rednecks watch more of these shows than we do, just like everyone knows that the most sexually-repressed pervs in the country– bible-belt Christians– account for more than 60% of all porn watched /sold in the entire United States.

      • nonnie11

        Shame on you Lady…..One day you are going to have to eat your words…and when you do I hope you will remember I said it! Most of you should be ashamed…

      • heftyjay

        Links to a real statistic, please. Or is this, as I suspect, just a product of your deluded imagination?

  • Curtis Armstrong

    Wow! The tolerance in many of these comments is impressive.

    • Brandon Vega

      Oh, like the tolerance of these christian homophobes? Fucking hypocrites.

      • heftyjay

        I love your misuse of the word homophobe. I word that has NO meaning whatsoever.

  • A. Parks

    No one wants to watch a bunch of stupid, ignorant, morons fall backassward into money for nothing, act like entitled jerks, spout hate and anger, while espousing any true understanding for the constitution and its laws. Good riddance to bad trash is the only truism that leaps to mind here as this abortion of a show is cancelled.

    • Lazerbyte

      I hope they get canceled as they give Americans a bad name along with Honey Boo Boo as other countries think this is how all Americans are big rich silly buffoons. This may be entertaining to the Robertson family but not to me. Phil Robertson like Trump needs to engage what little brain he has and thinks before he speaks! Please A&E cancel that show!!

  • Eh. Someone else can have the air-time. As the article states, y’all have a multi-million dollar company; the TV show isn’t keeping your heads above water unless you extended yourself _way_ too far with the fame money.

    Meanwhile, as I understand it, Phil’s been getting into politics. So there’s always that contribution to public entertainment.

  • robertfoutch

    Show of biggots & religious child molesters idiots , never watched it never will.

  • inulater1

    Enjoyed the show at first but after awhile i got tired of watching bigots on tv…They are no more redneck then Obama..Its all staged to make the rich richer like all else today…I dont think they will hurt if the show is cancelled they made there millions..Most of there fortunes can be attributed to the show and all the merchandise they sell related to the show..Time to move on Robertsons let someone else make a few million also stop being greedy..When is enough enough

  • Maggie Scott

    This article reflects the show and the Robertsons–replete with grammatical errors, incorrect punctuation, completely wrong words, and other assaults on basic English. I would also suggest that ignorance and bigotry and appealing to the very lowest common denominator in American society is hardly worth a renewal.

    Sorry, but I’ve never seen the slightest scintilla of value in this series, and its departure from A&E can’t come soon enough.

  • latz

    Don’t need anymore backwater bullshit artists plying their trade on air so… the network has my support.

  • latz

    Don’t need more backwater bullshit artists plying their trade on air so…. the network has my support.

  • Roni Jo Froemming Lester

    I thought this was satire at first, it’s funny as hell.

  • Chelsea Solis


  • Kim Summers

    Sorry. I hate reality shows and they’re not my favorite anything.

  • Sharron Jones

    I love Duck Dynasty as a show. The family is so well known and so busy with the real business and the filming that I am surprised that they want to continue with television. I would love to see them continue, but if they don’t, they had a good run. God has opened other avenues for them to support their families.but I hope they run the series from beginning to end even if there are no new programs made.

    • Vladislaw

      ya because an entity that can create universes sits around worrying about “avenues” for duck dynasty …LOL .. sheesh

    • Susanah

      What? See my post above. Are you kidding? It was a total con to promote their merchandising empire Sorry to burst your bubble…

      • Chris Wheeler

        She’s brainwashed!

      • heftyjay

        Yep, I looked at your post above and you’re still a misinformed bigot. What else do you want to talk about?

    • Fran McCarthy

      God had nothing to do with their success or failure. They were and are con men who profited from the gullibility of the viewers.

  • Barbwire Bob

    they are gtting boring for sure without phil

  • hlaoroo

    Yay! The fact that this piece of shit show would air on A&E always left me scratching my head in wonder. (Or maybe I was just itchy from the thought of all the swamp critters living in those icky beards). Good riddance, to a bad bunch. Perhaps A&E can now get back to the business of showing “arts and entertainment”.

  • Vladislaw

    CONservative republicans and their heros…

  • J Chris Cochran

    Bye Felicia

  • HoshisMom

    In the world of sideshow freaks, phonies, and con-artists that is “reality” TV, the Robertsons manage to fill all three roles. Not only did they dumb down another segment of the right wing, they’ve inflicted themselves on the population which scrupulously avoids wattching this kind of crap. Time to burn down the set, let them shave off those ridiculous beards and return to the world of J. Crew from whence they came. (And btw, if they first aired in 2012 how is this their 10th season? A little proof-reading, or a math class appears to be in order.)

  • ribbie149

    These fake rednecks can now shave and go back to their yuppie roots. Congratulations on being gullible enough to buy their bullsh^t for 5 years.

  • obadiahorthodox


  • Cindy J. Ray

    Good riddance

  • Bruce Norbeck

    Am I missing something? The show first aired in 2012, but now in 2016 it’s approaching its 10th season? I’ve never watched even a second of this hot mess, so maybe I just don’t know the ins & outs of the scheduling, but still …. 10 seasons in 4 years?

    • drdem

      I never watched them either being originally from Texas ,
      Homespun bullsht lost it´s appeal yeas ago !

    • DMcG

      Actually that’s five years inclusive, two seasons per calendar year. New math.

  • Susanah

    Those fakers! Now they can go back to being clean shaven and hanging out, of a Sunday, at the country club at the club house, between rounds of golf. That’s who they were before they found Jaysus and completely changed their looks and clothing for the reality show, which was nothing more than a huge con to promote their merchandising empire. They live in a HUGE mansion. Put those guys in the woods for an hour, wearing their cammo and with their guns without cameras and a food truck and assistants and they’d be calling for a private helicopter within an hour. I could NOT believe my ever loving eyes when Fox “news” actually interviewed papa Duck on his views on Iran. WHY IS IT that right wingers LOVE liars and fakers so much and wholeheartedly embrace them while castigating anyone with facts? I just don’t get. Now they want donations and “support” from others? Another HUGE con. This is who they were pre-reality show. This is their house. Right wingers, do NOT feel sorry for them or send them donations! I repeat…

  • Kelvin Davis

    Thank you and good riddance

  • drdem

    What are these assholes going to do now ? Start their own Religion ??

  • bartcen

    fuck ’em.

  • Jock Difford

    How did they have 10 seasons in 4 years. They are a bunch of morons anyway

  • Rocklobstah

    Git prayin’ yall. And tank de lode.

  • SuperDelicate

    Go away…

  • Billie Evans

    We didn’t watch because of their “American values”. We watched because they were ridiculous. Then they weren’t.

    • Pamela B. Derouen


  • Tom Kidd

    Nothing lasts forever. The Robertsons have run their course, just as “Trading Spaces”, “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy” and “Jon & Kate Plus 8” have run their course. Stick a fork in them; they’re done.

  • Mariah Miracle

    Their 15 minutes of fame is over. Bye, bye.

  • Dave Lanson

    Cancel their asses. We have enough people encouraging stupidity among the public without bearded hillbillies lending their part.. Bye bye.

  • xbj

    These yuppie faker POS can’t get canceled and disappear off the face off the planet soon enough.

  • Chris Wheeler


  • Robynhawk Kwe

    Let them go the way of Honey BooBoo and all the other nasty insipid crap that TV has dreamt up. Do they really think we are that stupid?

  • Cynthia Joy Finnegan

    About damned time. Now maybe they can show some actual arts and entertainment (remember? It was the channel’s ORIGINAL NAME) instead of more yuppie scum phonies.

  • Good riddance to #WingnutBullshitArtists!

    • Jerri Finch

      I love this show, they arethe best show on!

  • Judy Trapp

    Good , I hope they remove this screwball show I have never watched it at all only for a few minutes. It started out sick and it is still sick. remove it. I call it the numbing down of Americans!

    • Cindy Bryan

      How would you really know since you have only watched a few minutes of the show. That is your right but slamming the show when you have never watched it is ridiculous and close minded.

  • ginico

    Are you kidding, who waste their time on that crap!

  • Fran McCarthy

    I actually HATE the hypocritical fakes. Watched the show once in the first season and couldn’t believe how bad it was.

  • Helen Damnation ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    We live in a swamp? The Robertsons live just down the road, and we don’t live in a swamp.

    And if you think the Robertsons are “real” as portrayed on the TeeVee, I’ve got a bayou I’ll sell you, today, real cheap. Attached is an image of the Robertson family prior to their TV show.

  • Helen Damnation ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    The Robertsons live in a swamp? They live just down the road from us, and we don’t live in a swamp. Sorry. And if you think the characters portrayed on the TeeVee are real, then I’ve got a bayou I’ll you right now, cheap.

    The Robertsons were mostly uppity, yuppied kind of folks prior to their show. See below for a glimpse of the Robertsons BEFORE they appeared on television:

    • Susan Boyce

      If you truly were from this area, then you would be aware that lots of men here grow beards during hunting season because it’s cold when you’re up at 4 and 5am duck hunting, and they shave it off when hunting season is over. Even some of our local physicians, attorneys, who are huntsman and fisherman will grow beards during hunting season. It is common for men who actually live here to have beards during hunting season only, and they may shave it completely during the hot humid days of late spring and early summer. You are obviously not from here, nor do you hunt, or you would realize your comment is meaningless.

      • Helen Damnation ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        Born and raised here; we live just down the road from the Robertsons. No, I’m not a hunter, my first job out of high school was a zoo keeper (at the Louisiana Purchase Gardens & Zoo) so I’m not inclined to shoot defenseless animals. I helped take care of deer, antelope, hippos, longhorns, rhinos, mostly things with hooves. Most of my nephews, cousins, uncles (even a couple of aunts) are hunters, and none of them grow beards during hunting season. I do support hunting for food, and I enjoy venison from time to time, but enough about that.

        The Robertsons didn’t have beards before their show started. Growing full beards has nothing to do with hunting (more to do with laziness), but became popular around these parts after the show started. The West Monroe Wal-Mart is filled with Dyck Dynasty swag, most of it marked down now to clearance prices. It is mostly cheap, Chinese made garbage, but it works for the vast majority of Duck Dynasty supporters. Even Ms. Kay’s pies are not made locally, but manufactured on the east coast somewhere, North Carolina or someplace, instead of being made at any of the local baking companies that would be a zillion times better than the ones available at Wal-Mart. The Robertsons have had many, multiple opportunities to support our local community by “keeping it local” but instead have chosen to maximize their profit by out-sourcing most of the products abroad, ala Donald Trump. (I think the duck calls might be made here, but you didn’t hear that from me).

        If you actually knew the Robertsons, you would know that Phil has proclaimed, more than once, that it is much better to marry girls when they’re young, 14-16 years old. (He married Ms. Kay when she was only 16). They aren’t nearly as religious as they appear on the TeeVee, but it works for people who enjoy the show. They are anything but real, the show is loosely scripted, designed to be as HeeHaw funny as possible. Their contribution to the recent south Louisiana flooding consisted of Willie (and wife) appearing in online videos, exclaiming to anyone who would listen that they supported the poor people down south, and would be praying for them “We’re thinking about y’all, y’all!”. Korie Robertson tweeted calling for prayers for all of Louisiana. After she tweeted, sweet Sadie Robertson and Mary-Kate also posted a
        heartfelt post on their Instagrams begging for as many prayers as they
        could get for all of those who are losing everything that they own. What a sacrifice the Robertsons made, praying for all the flood victims, instead of actually doing something for them.

        Hypocrisy at its finest! When La. Tech alumni chose to give Phil an award (for being rich, instead of any contributions to humanity), he couldn’t even show up at Tech’s graduation ceremony, sending Ms. Kay instead. (Many faculty, staff and students walked out in protest) Everything they do is geared to one agenda: making more money.

        Last but not least, Phil Robertson said this:
        “Today we’re gathered here to champion the truth of the Constitution! We’re here to usher in
        patriotism in the good Christian-loving U.S. of A. and we’re not going home until the liberal media and those hippie communists feel the wrath of our Lord Almighty as our truth is FORCED UPON THEM with a Bible in one hand and a GUN IN THE OTHER – God Bless America!” [emphasis mine]

        I don’t even know what all that means, but he is one scary dude. The Robertson’s show is not doing well in the ratings, and probably won’t be renewed for another season. Even the locals here are sick of their shtick, and have finally realized the Robertsons are about nothing but making as much money as possible. A reality show it ain’t, but their hateful religious rhetoric is worn out; no one wants to hear it anymore. Christianity used to be about love and helping the poor, the sick, the downtrodden. The Robertsons would rather bash anyone who doesn’t look or think like they do; their church even kicked out a young girl out of a halfway house type program just because she was gay, no other reason. Enough is enough.

        • Pamela B. Derouen

          @wildwildwest:disqus Thank you ma’am. You don’t have to explain to anyone that is not believing you. You have the right to speak as you do. Have a good day and God bless you ma’am.

        • Cindy Bryan

          Bless your heart. I have always seen television abbreviated as TV but never TeeVee, hmm you learn something new every day.

        • Susan Boyce

          Look, I get it, you don’t believe, read, or live by the Bible. But this man quoted scripture when asked to explain his beliefs. He did not go on your social media page and troll you because of your beliefs, nor did he speak out against you or anyone else personally at all. He merely explained what he believed and why when asked. He even talked about his own shortcomings and things he struggles with. I don’t see where people turned him quoting scripture into him being a homophobic or spreading hate. He simply believes what he has read in the Bible. Nothing more, nothing less. He isn’t forcing his opinions and beliefs in anyone. Nor is he spreading hate. I wish I could say the same for some of these hostile posts here that are full of malice about the Robertson family. It’s kind of curious that so many people seem so full of anger hate and rage here.

        • JeffH

          “hateful religious rhetoric” speaks volumes about YOU. You are just another trashy liberal full of hate yourself.

          • Helen Damnation ?™

            Trashy? Thanks for the kind, Christian words of love. That’s what Jesus is all about, right? Judging others you have never even met? What’s wrong, afraid you can’t go on without the Duck family, the one the entire rest of the country makes fun of?

          • JeffH

            Blah, bah, blah! Seek some professional help!

          • Helen Damnation ?™

            Spoken like a true, fake Christian.

          • JeffH

            You’re an ignoramous which is especially accurate considering I’ve never stated any religious beliefs at all.

        • Susan Boyce

          The Robertsons don’t bash anyone. Your comments take scriptures from the Bible, and living by the word of God, and asking for God’s judgement in your own your life as being HATE speech. It seems popular is to demonize the Christian trying to live by biblical teachings and presenting their personal choices as hate. When the Robertsons are humble people who talk about their own personal shortcomings too, and struggles, and problems that JESUS has helped them with also.

          • Helen Damnation ?™

            The Robertsons are notoriously anti-gay; they cherry-pick the bible and preach the parts they like, yet mysteriously leave out the parts that speak to them, especially the ones regarding adultery.

          • Susan Boyce

            If this were so then why do they speak about the things they struggle with themselves? I referenced the scrutiures that talked about sexual immorality which ironically is what people like you and media twist and focus on homosexuality, not the Robertsons.

          • Susan Boyce

            Sexual immorality comes in many forms. It is the media who cherry picked the scriptures the Robertsons referenced and made it solely about homosexuality. Not the Robertson’s. Many people who do not believe paint Christians who do believe as all promoting hate, just by their personal beliefs. When in fact it is they who are promoting the hate of all Christians.

          • Susan Boyce

            And for the record there was only one who was perfect, Jesus Christ. None of us are perfect. But believing what the scriptures say is not promoting hate, nor does it equate to hating anyone, whatever their sins.

        • JeffH

          Ignorant Helen says “The Robertsons didn’t have beards before their show started.”


          They’ve previously had beards on other shows on outdoor channels featuring their duck hunting and were producing and marketing duck hunting videos long before Duck Dynasty ever hit the airwaves.

      • Pamela B. Derouen

        @susan_boyce:disqus I think she knows where she lives. And I also live in Louisiana. I have son in laws, my son, cousins, family that hunt. They do not have beards. They do have other jobs that they work @ to support their families. @wildwildwest:disqus Thank you ma’am. You don’t have to explain to anyone that is not believing you. You have the right to speak as you do. Have a good day and God bless you ma’am.

      • Pamela B. Derouen

        @susan_boyce I think she knows where she lives. And I also live in Louisiana. I have son in laws, my son, cousins, family that hunt. They do not have beards. They do have other jobs that they work @ to support their families.

        • Susan Boyce

          The men I know who grow beards only during hunting season are surgeons and other physicians. It’s not uncommon to only have beards during duck season. If you say it isn’t you’re lying.

          • Based American1

            I have not sad that men only grow beards during duck season. You must not understand what you read. I said that my son in law does. Now my son grows a beard during football season.. to each his own.

        • Susan Boyce

          You may fool people who don’t know anything about hunting that you know what you’re talking about. But you can’t fool me.

      • Kat Murphy

        This statement is true. I now professional men that hunt also, and they too grew beads just for hunting in the fall and cooler months. I live in Wisconsin, it is what hunter do to add extra warmth to their faces and necks.

  • loganbacon

    There is nothing real about these @ssholes. They used to be clean-cut country club denizens, this long-haired bearded stuff is totally fake. Good riddance to the bigoted jerks.

    • JeffH

      You’re an ignorant bigot and know nothing about who or what they’re about. I met Phil Robertson in the middle 80’s and the only thing that’s changed about him is his age and his beard is longer.

  • Trollhagen

    Reality shows are loathsome, particularly those that entertain by scraping the underbelly of society for the ignorant, the bigoted, the greedy, the shallow. I would cancel them all.

  • Cboo

    Take them off, they are just hypocrites cherry picking the Bible to meet their agenda of Wealth and money, They worship at the alter of Money and use the name of God to do so , they are the worse of the worse.

    • JeffH

      You’re a hateful projectionist.

    • Susan Boyce

      How do you know what they do with their money? They’re very giving people and supportive and active in our community.

    • Hunt

      Never saw any cherry picking. Oh, must be you are the one who does that.

  • Philip Marks

    “In fact, Season 10’s premiere only gathered 1.3 million viewers that are a substantial decline. … A&E have [sic] been [k]now[n] to cancel shows like Duck Dynasty for this reason alone.”

    Imagine that, a TV show cancelled because it doesn’t have enough viewers.

    What a tragedy. If only the networks would keep shows with no viewers we could all ignore “Hee Haw Honeys” or “Cop Rock” or The Brady Bunch Hour” again…

  • DMcG

    Someone should consider getting this writer an editor. Or a new job. If DD has lost 80% of its audience, I imagine its demise is forthcoming. A&E doesn’t make TV shows just for fun. DD has had a good run, but really, there’s only so much to be said. But if the only thing to outlast the show is Sadie’s career, that’ll be just fine.

    • Cindy Bryan

      There are so many errors in this article, I agree this writer needs an editor or at least spellcheck.

    • JeffH

      ??? BINGO!

  • Jeff Price

    I would just like to say that I am what many consider a far, far, right conservative. And I have never watched ONE MINUTE of their show. I have no problem with them, but I do not get my views or religious doctrine from duck callers. I’m a Baptist with Reformed Theology leanings, including the Doctrines of Grace.

    • Cindy Bryan

      They do not discuss religious doctrine or views, at the end of the show they are sitting at the table about to eat and they say a prayer before they start eating. The show is funny and they are very family oriented, you probably have missed quite a few laughs being so close minded.

    • JeffH

      Who cares what you are…your comment is non sequitur.

      • Jeff Price

        My comment does logically follow, as I am showing that as a person with more than passing familiarity with Christianity, my comment is not made from the vantage of so-called “Christian bashing”.

        PS: Just read your profile. You’d find we have much in common in our political views. Why so caustic in your replies?

        • JeffH

          Is it always “about you”? I, I, I, I, I.

          • Jeff Price

            When it is about me, it is…

  • snowdogrob2112


  • michelle

    I love watching duck dynasty it is a good wholesome family show. You can’t find too many good shows these days.

  • michelle

    Please keep duck dynasty on it is a good family show. You can’t find too many of those these days.

  • notmyname

    probably because they are endorsing TRUMP! I stopped watching for that very reason!

    • JeffH

      You probaly never watched them in the first place…and are obviously one of those intolerant liberals probably voting for the criminal Hildebeast…simply because she’s a woman.

      Stupid is as stupid does!

      • notmyname

        Nope not a fan or her either…..and yes I watched them for a long tine…I am not stupid its just my opinion…clearly you believe in verbal abuse just as Trump does…

        • JeffH

          Not only are you a liar…but you’re a disgusting liar who is full of hate. Verbal abuse? Mommy, make it stop. Go back to your mommy’s basement where you feel safe. Sheesh, what a dolt!

        • Lori Mabry

          I hope Duck Dynasty won,t cancelled. I love the Robertson family. They have real family values.

  • P3Wannabe

    This is quite possibly the best thing that I’ve heard in a while. The last thing this country needs is another vile, homophobic family spreading it’s hate. I pray that A&E does cancel this show. It’s gone on far to long anyway.

    • Susan Boyce

      They’re not homophobic. They’ve never behaved with malice or hostility. So, you think quoting a scripture from the King James Bible equates to being homophobic and spreading hate? The scripture he quoted was about sexual immorality, as in ANY form of sexual immorality. One scripture is Revelations 21:8. “But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death.” Then 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 “know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind, 10 Nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God.” 1 Corinthians 6:9-10.

    • JeffH


  • Susan Boyce

    A small group of accounts have clearly trolled this post, a small group swamped with hostility malice and rage. A small group who clearly does not want to hear scriptures and does not support the Bible and is anti-Christ in their value systems and beliefs. To each his/her own. Each is given the choice to choose to live by God’s commandments or to choose to not believe. No one is forcing their beliefs on you, not on their show, not in social media commentary, nor in a magazine or any other venue. No one is heaping malice and hostility upon your heads for your disbelief. Why are you so hostile because of someone’s personal choice who simply quoted scriptures from their bible when asked their opinion, to explain their own view? This was not done in malice or hostility. No one slandered you personally or went on social media and trolled you for your choice to not believe. I find many non believers and atheists to be full of rage and hostility. There is peace in Christ Jesus. If you want it, it can be yours.

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  • David Stemmerding

    Yes, keep the Duck Dynasty

  • Kelly Brewer

    Please keep Duck Dynasty. They r good Christian people. Please don’t take them off the air.

  • Kathy Millosky McKee

    What is going on with our most basic level of intelligence/common sense!?!?! KEEP DUCK DYNASTY!!!!

  • Jackie Martin Halstead

    I love this show and love to hear Phil talk and preach and I’m proud that they r standing with Trump , it proves that they want to keep our country safe and our rights by voting for TRUMP & PENCE LEAVE THEIR SHOW ON

    • Patricia Menville


  • Sonja Pound

    Need Duck Dynasty please!

  • whoselineisitanyway

    Love Duck Dynasty. A family friendly TV show. Of course it’s not liked by Progs.

  • Lisa

    Keep the Robertson’s! How can you keep Kardashian’s but get rid of Duck Dynasty? Goes to show what’s more important to some people! Hmmm fake butts & boobs, stupid people that are all about men and drinkin or God?

  • Nancy B

    Renew Duck Dynasty! Love the whole family. They make you feel part of their family.

  • Uatu

    To be honest, I’ve never watched this show..but from what I’ve learned it was a wholesome show and had good values..its a shame though

  • Hersbird

    I hope A&E does cancel it. Then they can move to a different network like Great American Country and speak freely again. I love watching the show but don’t like the trashy A&E promos for all the other garbage on that network. I have to DVR it and skip all the commercials. Duck Dynasty is the best thing that ever happened to A&E, well that and Longmire and they already blew that deal as well. Please A&E cancel them so you can go back to a channel I never even think of pausing on as I surf on by.

  • Richard Jones

    Yes, Keep Duck Dynasty

  • Cathy Hart

    We don’t watch on A & E, but we have purchased every season available on DVD. I have a variety of children from 4 to 13 & they can quote many of the episodes. My 4 year old calls things “dirty heifers.” My 13 year old she quotes & acts just like uncle si. My 10 year old also quotes many phrases throughout many of the episodes. We also have seemed to obtained multiple books about the family & my 13 year old would love to tour the warehouse. To be honest my family could be corrupted by other “stars” whom like to show more skin than actual characters. My children look up to Sadie & to everyone else & it’s something we like to watch as a family.

    • Kat Murphy

      Great testimonial to a great show! You have proved kids do not have to be raised on false idols, crap, and smut. Love it!!


      So you’ve raised your children to be trash talking degenerates. Bravo.

  • Joyce Sweeney

    Yes. Keep Duck Dynasty on A&E – I watch this program all the time and just love it. It is down to earth and is so funny that it keeps your interest all through the airing.

  • ruth

    Keep Duck Dynasty! Love this show and all of the family!

  • John

    Yes, Keep the Dynasty going!

  • Patricia Menville

    I Love Duck Dynasty. If canceled, I will never watch A&E again. That is the only show worth watching.

  • Tara stiles

    I love this show and the family, it’s a great show you can sit and watch with the whole family and laugh the entire time. LETS KEEP THE SHOW GOING!!!!

  • Margaret Britt

    I pray A&E does not. cancel Duck Dynasty. There are such few good family shows on the air today. I love this show! Please don’t cancel it!

  • Debbie

    I am 61 years old and finally enjoy a show and now they want to remove this show because they believe in the lord since they don’t have sexual stuff on their show or violence they want to remove them this is crazy PLEASE DONT TAKE OFF DUCK DYNASTY.

  • Kathy Cleek

    We LOVE this show and pray it is not cancelled. I would like to see it moved to another night because we have church activities on Wednesday nights.

  • Gwendolyn Finch Pippin

    I love Duck Dynasty. One of the only decent shows on anymore.

  • Carolyn DeLong

    Please do not cancel Duck Dynasty if you have to change times & days fine but don’t cancel! there are very few shows on that are family oriented or such a pleasure to watch.

  • Cathy Haskin

    Our family loves Duck dynasty
    And support there family show
    It’s a decent enjoyable family show to watch an Praying they get another season..

  • Jimmy Petruzzelli

    We need Duck Dynasty, it the only show that has family value and morals. We need another season!!!

    • iris

      I guess good clean shows is not the norm today. But, I like it and it builds character in a funny way. You can tell the Robertson family is a family of love

  • Terri Ann Sheets Bowling

    Love it and we are always looking forward to a new season! What happened to Jep & Jessica? Did A&E cancel on them as well?

  • Chris Spagna

    Keep the show on the show has family values the show is funny puts you in the right mind set.

  • Linda P.

    They are wonderful people. I was fortunate enough to get to go o their cruise last year. God bless them all.

  • Debbie

    We love this show and pray that they are granted another season! These folks have real values and all of our respect!

  • Chad Hubbard

    Please don’t compare them to the Alaska bush people, that’s not going to help. Not only is that show very fake (know for fact) but the family is very disliked in Alaska. Hope they get renewed if not on A&E it will probably be outdoor channel.

  • Stephanie Beam

    We love this show and want them to be on for years to come.?❤

  • Debbie McClintock

    The Robertson’s are one of the BEST thing s to hit TV and the world in a very long time. They are unique and special and the FAMILY UNITY IS AMAZING. They came into my world afer i lost my dad, and my entire family started watching this show. Honestly we see some of my dad in these men and its like he is almost still here. Please Leave them alone we need them in our hearts and our world. Don’t take them off. WE LOVE THE ROBERTSON’S AND WHAT THEY STAND FOR.

  • Rob Blair

    I love Duck Dynasty. It would be stupid of A and E to cancel their show. This is a very educational show for both kids and adults alike. We all should live our lives like the Robertson’s do. Please keep the show going another 10 yrs and beyond.

  • Jennifer Bumgardner

    I love duck dynasty it has been great to watch with my kids. Please keep this great family show.

  • ted morhous

    I’m confused. Article said “first aired 2012 but is into 10th season ????

    • Jeremy Dvorak

      Since the show aired in 2012 there have been 2 seasons a year for a total of 10 seasons. The seasons so far have had between 9 and 15 episodes each.

  • Pam

    I hope the show don’t get cancelled, I love watching the guys and their families. I mostly love their Christian values and how they give God the praise. So lets keep Duck Dynasty on the air.

  • Carol Bivens

    Oh please don’t cancel the Robertsons(Duck Dynasty). Love that show. Let’s keep it on! This is a wonderful family and a blessing to many.

  • Barbie Kohoutek

    I love this show and they make me laugh they can’t do this 🙁

  • Janice Engle

    yes it is a good clean show for family . it must go on !

  • Danna Hughes

    Keep the cleanest, funniest, most unique show on tv. Give God the glory.

  • Evelyn Wilhite

    Love this show, please continue the show. Always give me a good laugh and this country needs good people like the robertsons to show us a good family show.

  • Susan Boyce

    Again, as I scroll down the comments in this comment section, I find it curious that so many here are full of malice, anger, even rage, toward the Robertson family. There is true peace in Christ Jesus. He is the only way.

  • lee

    If a&e wants to drop them let them. Some other network will easily pick them up no problem. Go ahead a&e drop that cash cow on someone else’s lap they will thank you kindly.

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  • Karen S.

    Please leave on A&E. Love the people and wamore about tha family.

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    These people are not representative of true Christianity — at least not the kind Jesus taught. They are hateful towards people that are different from them, and seek to oppress others. I say good riddance to these cretins.

    • whodiditman666

      Did you ever watch or even listen? NOT!!!!

    • nonnie11

      What is YOUR true Christianity, If you believe in your heart that Jesus died for your sins……John 3:16 is a wonderful verse, so what is the difference? I like the Robertson family…I feel they are a Christian family .

  • Gerald Skipper

    BRING THEM BACK!! I LOVE THAT SHOW! It’s one of the few truly family shows1 There is no cussin’,drinkin’,except tea,no nakedness,and no whorein’ around!! There is frog huntin’,honey robbin’ from a live bee hive,and just all round good country humor! If you don’t like the show,I’m sure your TV has more than one channel! Just change the damn station!

  • AWandererthroughLife

    People living in a swamp?????? What do swamps look like where you live??? Willie, Jace and Jep live in million-dollar homes!!! NFLJACK…if you’re a “representative of true Christianity” then you know that Christians BUILD EACH OTHER UP (unlike you) and do NOT call other people “cretins” while accusing them of being “hateful towards people that are different from them.” As a Christian, you need to remember to remove the LOG from your eye before picking at the splinter in their eyes. Also, accusing someone of “raising children that are trash talking degenerates” is NOT the language of a Christian. I’m happy to see that the comments overwhelmingly favor continued seasons of the show!!! Especially now that we have someone in the President’s office who shares some of the same WHOLESOME values (despite what the media has tried to make us believe).

  • Joe

    I’m kind of ashamed of duck friend was a big watcher of duck dynasty warrior for them so I tried to order a duck call from the Robertson for him for Xmas but never got a response at all….he passed away this november.heart failure just wish he could have got a duck call.or us abel to meet them like we had planned..sorry my friend we didn’t make it dad maybe on the other side

  • nha cai hay

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