Jase Robertson is good at a lot of things — duck hunting, making duck calls, loving his wife. But fireworks is not one of those things.

via YouTube In a classic Duck Dynasty moment, the family is gathered for the Fourth Of July when Jase approaches them. Everyone is sitting on bails of hay, talking to each other. 

Jase walks up the hill and demands everyone’s attention.

“I have prepared a subtle combustible form of entertainment in celebration of July 4th,” he says, holding a box of matches.

Silence hits the air. After a moment, Alan Robertson gives a “wooh!” and a clap to break the awkwardness.

“You sure you know what you’re doing, Jase?” Phil says, legs crossed.

“Oh, yeah,” Jase replies confidently. “I’ve got this covered. Everything has been tested and found to be very explosive yet safe.”

But then Jase tells the audience during an interview that this display of fireworks is not safe for the whole family — children should be warned of what they’re about to see.

Willie Robertson (photo via Pinterest)

“This display is gonna be such a monster,” he says. “It’ll probably give the kids nightmares … in a good way.”

After building a lot of tension, Jase finally approaches the fuse, which is connected to a bundle of fireworks.

“Hey,” Uncle Si yells, “Go ahead and light the fuse, dummy! I want to see how fast you can run.”

Jase kneels next to the fuse with his box of matches. He carefully lights the end of said fuse.

“Let there be light,” he says has the fire catches and the spark travels down the string.

Jase sprints back to his seat with the rest of the family. The fireworks go off.

And they’re good … maybe for a baby’s birthday party. They were nowhere near the hype Jase presented.

After the fireworks finished, Uncle Si says what everyone was thinking: “This is the worst fireworks show I’ve ever been to.”

Jase looks over at his family.

“Welp, thanks for watching the show,” he says.

Watch the whole thing below…

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