Have you wondered what the Robertson family has been up to lately? Are you going through Duck Dynasty withdrawal? We can help with that.

What The Robertson Family Has Been Up To Lately

Duck Dynasty aired its final episode this past Spring, and we’ve been having withdrawals ever since. We miss the Robertson family, and we know their fans are wondering what they’ve been up to since the series finale. Luckily, we can help you stay up to date with all things Duck Dynasty related.

The most news worthy happening in the Robertson family? Jase Robertson shaved his beard. We were shocked when we heard a Duck Dynasty brother finally made the epic chop, but it was also exciting to see the face that’s been hiding under all that hair for all these years.

If you’ve missed your weekly dose of Uncle Si, this video of Missy Robertson’s Facebook live post should do the trick. When Missy asked Si what he thought about Jase’s new look, Si replied that he hasn’t trimmed or shaved since coming home from Vietnam. “Jase needs to shave his head completely bald!” Si suggested. Now there’s the silliness we’ve missed from everyone’s favorite Uncle.

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Wondering what the younger generation is up to? You can follow both Sadie Robertson and Mary Kate Robertson on their respective blogs, which they keep up to date regularly. Sadie’s is more geared towards encouraging words and religious talks, while Mary Kate’s reads like a diary of her and John Luke’s many adventures. 

Korie Robertson In The News

Praying that my words on @cnn were unifying for our country. That we all begin to speak words and live in such a way that brings us together, that shows kindness, love and respect for every single person, no matter race, gender, political views, religion, nationality….That in humility and love, we will stand up and speak up for what is true and right. There is no place for hate or bigotry. God’s word and Jesus’ life here on earth make that very clear. I got emotional talking about Charlottesville and the sad things going on in our country right now. Ultimately, though I believe that we can come together, that there is more good in this world than bad, that light extinguishes the darkness. Watch my interview in the link in my bio. And be kind with the comments. This is a place that we can disagree, but still love one another and realize we are all humans first ❤️??#strongandkind

A post shared by Korie Robertson (@bosshogswife) on Aug 25, 2017 at 3:46pm PDT

The Robertson family hasn’t totally moved away from controversy. Korie Robertson was recently seen in an interview speaking out against the President’s reaction to Charlottesville. Korie wrote, “Praying that my words on CNN were unifying for our country. That we all begin to speak words and live in such a way that brings us together, that shows kindness, love and respect…”

Are you going through Duck Dynasty withdrawals? Make sure to check back here every week to keep up to date with all things involving the Robertson family.

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