A rising country star was recently in a fatal traffic accident.

On July 3, country artist Cameran Nelson and his band mates got into a terribly sad car accident.

The accident happened while the band was on their way to a show in Del Rio, Texas.


The wreckage of a fatal car crash involving some country artists (photo via Facebook)

Afterward, a friend of the band set up a GoFundMe page, which explains what happened. 

“While traveling, things took a turn for the worse,” the page reads. “The tour bus that we were traveling in was struck by another car.”

Some of the aftermath of the car crash involving rising country artist, Cameran Nelson, who was set to open for Rick Trevino in Del Rio, Texas (photo via Facebook)

“While attempting to avoid the collision,” continues the description, “the tour bus swerved into the ditch causing the trailer to break away from the bus. The trailer and the band’s equipment was destroyed.”

Nelson was not injured, but he went on Facebook to let everyone know that, sadly, the driver of the other car passed away

“Today was one of the scariest days of my life,” Nelson wrote. “I’m very thankful that everyone in my camp is safe. As many miles as we travel, this is a nightmare that you never want to come true or witness. We are all shaken up, but again very thankful to be ok. I just want to go home, hug my family, and try to calm down. Everyone’s thoughts and prayers should be with the man that passed away.”

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the driver who lost his life.

Nelson’s bus sustained minimal damage, which is good news for him and his band mates, but they will be delayed on their tour (photo via Facebook)

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