Paco Alcacer Talks about Adapting at Barcelona


Playing for Barcelona has advantages and disadvantages. The good thing is that you will be winning titles. But the bad thing is that even if you were the best player in your previous club, it doesn’t mean you get a guaranteed spot in the starting eleven.

We’ve seen players struggling to adopt to Barcelona. Some players adapt, and others don’t. We think it’s all about motivation, and accepting a change.

Let’s take Suarez as example. He came from a club where he was clearly the best player. This means everyone was expecting him to lead the team to a win.

But when you play with Messi, you know you’re not the key player anymore. Suarez’s success is all about understanding his role at the club.

He was brought to score goals, and that’s exactly what he’s doing. He had more freedom and space in Liverpool. He was their best forward, and a target for every ball.

But things are different in Barcelona. He understood that, he worked hard and became the best scorer last season.

Paco was brought as a subtitle for the MSN trio. Barcelona was in need of a solid striker, to replace MSN in case of an injury.

But that doesn’t mean he can’t get a place among the starting eleven. If he shows to Enrique that he is worth it, he will find him a place in the team.

Paco on adopting at Barcelona

“A forward has to be moving all the time to find spaces. The best example is Luis Suarez, who despite being the No.1 striker is always looking for spaces. He’s a good mirror to focus on.” 

“We all want to do well at first, and when you change scenery, it is always quite difficult to adapt and get going, but of course it’s most difficult at the start”

“Every striker wants to get a goal, and if they are not scoring it eventually overwhelms. But I’ve always said that the most important thing is to be calm in these situations and think that it will soon come.” – Source.

Paco has the chance to learn from the best. He needs to work hard on training, so Enrique can depend on him for every game.

Paco on Atletico and Real Madrid

“They play the game in different ways,” he told Cadena Cope. “Atletico lately have been doing better and are more difficult to beat in a normal match.

“It is clear that the style of Simeone is solid, wanting to always win. It’s about standing up to everything and everyone.”

Barcelona’s biggest rival was Real Madrid, but it looks like things are changed now. Atetico seems to be a harder task for Enrique.

Their defense is arguably the best in the world. They can adapt any style, especially against teams who prefer possession.

Their biggest offensive strength is counter attacks, and that’s Barcelona’s biggest vulnerability.