Neymar seems to enjoy every second spent in Barcelona.

According to the transfer speculation, he wasn’t settled at Barcelona and he wanted to move on.  But that’s just a bunch of lies. He’s happy at Barcelona, and the fans shouldn’t be worried about Neymar leaving anytime soon.

Especially after the performance vs. Celtic in the Champions League. Neymar scored one goal and four assists.

But his great game vs. Celtic wasn’t the only thing that was all over the news. His agent revealed that Neymar was close to joining PSG for €40 million per year.

According to his agent, PSG even offered him a private jet and a hotel chain! But Neymar said no, and signed a new deal with Barcelona.

According to Neymar – “Yes, we had discussions with many people, not just one [with PSG]. But I decided to stay at Barca because I feel at home here. I’m happy with my teammates and I’m Barça man.”

“I can’t confirm the numbers given by Wagner Ribeiro because I don’t like talking about figures. Like I’ve said I was in talks with many teams, [PSG] wasn’t the only one. But I decided to stay here; I’m happy here.”

“I don’t see myself away from Barcelona. It’s something I can’t imagine because I feel at home. I’m really happy here. I feel important, like everyone in the team, and I hope that I can keep helping the team. I think it’s going to be a great season for me and the team.” Source: Diario Sport

Besides making clear to everyone that he’s not interested in leaving Barcelona, Neymar also had few words to say about his teammate Messi and the golden ball award.

As it seems, Neymar’s goal is not to work on personal awards. He’s focused on winning titles with Barcelona instead. That’s actually a good move, because that’s the only way he could win the golden ball award.

Focusing on your own performance and being selfish is not the way to become the world’s number one football player.

He also has a great relationship with Messi on and off the field, but especially on the field:

The Messi and Neymar show

“I hope to be among the three Ballon d’Or finalists. It’s difficult to win it. If in the end I’ve never won one, it doesn’t matter because I will be next to the best player in the world, Messi.”

“For me it’s easy to play with Messi, when you play with the best in the world, as you’ve seen, it’s easy. And to be able to take free-kicks [like against Celtic] is a sign of the companionship. We understand each other really well, with Luis Suarez, too, and that helps us.

“Sometimes the best doesn’t win. If the best always won, Messi wouldn’t have to participate any more, I’d be out and they’d have to give another one to him.” Source: Diario Sport

That’s some good news for Barcelona fans. The players are not worried about personal awards, and they all have the same goal; win everything and every year!

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