Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez and Pique have a lot in common. They all play for the best team in the world, they’re best in their position, and together they’ve won every title on a club level.

But besides playing football and winning, they do have other things in common as well.

After all, they spend more time together training and playing football than spending time with their families.

And as we can notice by the video, they do get along very well.

This great chemistry between Barcelona players is not just important for the present, but for the future as well. Have you ever heard about Thiago Messi, Benjamin Suarez or Milan Pique?

If you didn’t, you’re not a true Barcelona fan. But if you did, you’re about to excited about Barca’s future.

Thiago, Benjamin and Milan are just kids with super talented fathers. But what if these kids are in love in football (just like their dads), and they posses the talent for football (just like their dads)?

Barcelona’s future is looking bight, if everything goes according to plan. Well, it looks like the plan is already set in motion.

Thiago, Benjamin and Milan joined the FCBEscola on Monday. Which means the first step towards a brighter future were taken.

Thiago and Milan are just three years old, and Benjamin will turn three later this month. They will start with their first football lesson with a group of 25 children between the ages of three and five.

Messi, Suarez and Pique were present at their first training session, to show support to the future Barcelona super-stars.

“Right now, Milan is obsessed with football,” Shakira said. “He’s the biggest Barca fan on the planet. He sleeps with the Barca jersey on, he doesn’t miss one match.”

Their fathers had to struggle to fulfil their dream of becoming a football player, but Thiago, Milan and Benjamin only need the passion.

And football is all about passion.

Messi as a kid

Messi was born with a talent for football, but it’s not talent that made him the player that he is today. It was all hard work.

His first side of brilliance was noticed against Juventus in 2005. Even back then, he had no difficulties to dribble experienced defenders.

But he had a long way to go.

His shooting skills were below average, he wasn’t strong enough to deal with tall defenders, and he wasn’t yet a prolific playmaker when needed.

But few years later, and Messi is the perfect football player. He’s strong, he creates chances and he only dribbles when the timing is right. That’s a result of hard work plus talent.

Thiago Messi has the perfect environment around him to challenge his dad’s records. He has his DNA, the FCBEscola and Messi as his father to guide and support him.

Let’s just hope he’s in love in football like his Father!

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