Who is Better at Their Best: Messi or Ronaldinho?


First of all, Barcelona fans aren’t willing to pick a winner between these two legends. They both changed the game on their own way, and they’re both loved by every Barcelona fan.

But there’s still a difference between the two most valuable number 10s in the last decade.

Let’s start with the Brazilian magician Ronaldinho.

Ronaldinho was playing the game with a smile on his face. Whether he was dribbling past four defenders or missing a penalty, it didn’t make a difference to him. You could notice by his smile that he loved the game of football.

If you look at the obvious requirements that every playmaker should posses, Ronaldinho is no different than Messi. They both are capable of scoring solo goals, assisting and scoring free kicks. They both are golden ball winners, and Champion League winners as well.

But if you watch them play, you will notice differences in their style.

Ronaldinho is a typical Brazilian playmaker. His goal isn’t just passing a few defenders, but he wants to show off. Almost every dribble he makes is legendary. He even has the confidence to take his time before he makes his move.

He would simply take the ball, take a look at the defender and then make his move.  See the video, which showcases Ronaldinho’s style…

But that’s not it. Even his passes and assists are unique. Making simple assists is just not enough for the Brazilian. He wants to use his back heel, or even a no-look pass.

He isn’t afraid to take risky chances.

One of the best examples to describe Ronaldinho’s style is this goal against Chelsea…

In order to beat the keeper outside of the box, you need a powerful shot right? Well not exactly.

Ronaldinho did it on his own way, and don’t forget the fact that there are three defenders in front of him.

The only downside the Brazilian has is the lack of motivation to move forward. That’s exactly why he couldn’t keep up with the tempo. To Ronaldinho, partying was better than intense training.

And that’s where Messi comes in.

You’re not going to see Messi doing tricks or complicated passes, but he is always motivated to move forward.

He has five golden ball awards, and he never misses a training.

If Ronaldinho has skills and vision, Messi has pure talent. You just can’t copy Messi.

The dribbling against Getafe is the best example of what Messi’s talent looks like:


He didn’t use a single skill. It was all based on instinct and body movement. So if you take this, and the motivation he has to win every game, you’ll get 50 goals per season.

Ronaldinho scored a total of 70 goals in five seasons playing for Barcelona. That statistic puts Messi above Ronaldinho.

You’re not going to see fancy dribbling skills, or a standing ovation at Santiago Bernabéu. But 50+ goals per season on average makes up for everything else.

That’s why we think Messi, at his best, is better than Ronaldinho at his best!