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Photo credit: Fox News Well, it appears that Fox News is now looking to give the left a seat at their conservative table, at least that is the indication based on their most recent hire. There has been an abundance of speculation that Rupert Murdoch, CEO of 21st Century Fox, was trying to move Fox away from their conservative leaning programming.

With the recent ousting of Bill O’Reilly and the resignation of Fox Co-President, Bill Shine, it may be more than speculation.

Late last week, Fox finalized a deal with their newest political analyst, Jessica Tarlov. Tarlov has been a contributor at the network since 2014. In a statement on the deal, the network said “In this role, effective immediately, she will offer political analysis and insight across FNC and Fox Business Network’s daytime and prime time programming,”

Tarlov’s deal comes at a very interesting time, given that Fox has been caught-up in several lawsuits alleging sexual harassment and racial discrimination. What’s more, is the fact that another lawsuit was filed on Thursday, alleging gender discrimination.

The network’s troubles have been substantially compounded by the federal investigation into the claims.

Tarlov is now exclusive to Fox and said she is thrilled to be giving a voice to…

The Liberal Way of Life

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“I’m thrilled to join Fox News as a contributor,” Tarlov told TVNewser. “Over the last two years on Fox and Fox Business, I’ve gotten the opportunity to give a voice to the liberal way of life and feel it’s more important than ever to continue this valuable bipartisan dialogue.” Bipartisan dialogue?

If you have ever watched CNN’s Don Lemon host a conservative pundit, then you know that there is no such thing as “bipartisan dialogue.”

Their objective is to spin as many tales as they can about a problem and then lie about who is to blame for it. It’s a shame to see Fox falling into the trap, but it doesn’t come as any surprise.

Sean Hannity warned everyone last week, that Shine’s resignation would spell “the end of Fox News Channel.”

Looks like he was right.





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