To me the choice this November is simple. As Americans we can either vote for ‘change’ or we can see America go down the same path. We can either believe the liberal media and the crooked campaign that Hillary Clinton has mounted.

Note: The following is an editorial piece, reflecting the opinion of the writer and is not intended to be a news story. 

Or you can act on a candidate that is an outside element to the crookedness that permeates Washington. Change is a word that has been used to rouse the American public, even by old establishment cronies; Crooked Hillary Clinton. Interestingly enough, both candidates have used the same trigger-word to rouse support from their power base. Not long ago, during a campaign speech Clinton stated,

“People feel like that they’ve been let down by the government, people want change […]”

While hypocritically stating that people want change, it begs the question, change from what? Change from 8 years of the Democrats in power to more of the Democratic party in power? Change from the same policies to more of the same polices? Americans know that Hillary Clinton cannot offer change.

Credit: http://www.barenakedislam.comHillary Clinton

For Hillary, the idea of change is more like a handing over of the baton from the same side, the same ideas, the same vision, and the same goals of her predecessor, boss, and ‘friend’ Barack Obama.

Obama campaigned on a vision for change that young Americans and the disenfranchised could believe in. Hillary was keen to notice the success of campaigning on the idea of “change” while offering none in real terms. The same change that brought Obama into power, Hillary wants to capitalize on. The same change Obama was unwilling to deliver to the American people. In the end, Obama failed his campaign promise of bringing ‘change’ to America and so will Hillary.

It is a Universal law that states, ‘if an object already started with a certain velocity, then its new velocity would be the old velocity plus this change.’

For Hillary, even the universal Laws of Physics don’t support her claims for ‘change’ and power. Under Crooked Clinton’s idea of ‘change’ we can only expect an acceleration of Obama’s policies. Policies which have lead Americans down the wrong path of debt, covert missions to overthrow governments, lying, and the undermining of the welfare and safety of the American people.

Credit: Clinton

Even Bill Clinton called his wife a “change-maker.” But for Crooked Hillary, ‘change’ means something much more sinister. An ultimate goal for Hillary is to force a different kind of change against the American people.

“American will have to change their religious conviction and cultural codes” so they can pass laws. In this case the subject was abortion rights.

Even in Physics, change can only come from an outside source. By adding an element outside an equation, change can occur.

Change can only come from Donald Trump. The kind of ‘change’ that will make America stronger at home and abroad.

By establishing the rule of law and enforcing international laws that work for average Americans while strengthening borders and the nation’s international standing. Laws that do not strip American foundations and values from underneath by undermining people’s beliefs. While her statement may be in regards to ‘change’, Crooked Hillary cannot deliver, and she never will. 

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