Country music legend, Charlie Daniels wants Congress to know “they are killing America.” Daniels recently appeared on Todd Starnes brand new radio show, and he had a message for our nation’s lawmakers that all of us can agree with.

“I am so disgusted with those people right now,” Charlie told Starnes.

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In town to promote the release of his rendition of Johnny Cash’s “Ragged Old Flag” on Independence Day, Daniels said he was fed-up with the “bickering and backstabbing” going on in Washington. “All you guys in the Senate and all you guys in Congress stop and listen–we’re not getting a damn thing done- nothing,” he said.

Daniels called out Senate Democrat, Chuck Schumer and Republican Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell specifically, pointing out their inability to work together. “You’re sitting over there – Chuck Schumer on that side–and you’re sitting over there -Mitch McConnell on that side and you guys act like you’re dealing with a devil,” said Daniels.

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The country singer also took aim at the liberal education system in America. “Our history books and our national conversation have been taken over by a lot of people that are not particularly patriotic,” Daniels said.“Why do people from every corner of the Earth do everything in their power to come to this country and be a citizen–it’s because this is the best place on Earth. We can’t let that slip away from our national conscience.”

Daniels said that “nobody can hold a candle to the United States of America,” and he’s right. But, that doesn’t mean it can’t be destroyed. And let’s face it, the blame game isn’t working for the American people. It only serves to extinguish the flames of freedom that define our greatness.  

Right now, Congress is filled with politicians- but if this country is going to truly grow and prosper, it needs to be filled with patriots. Then and only then, will political aspirations and ideological agendas take a back seat to doing the job they were all elected to do–serving the people that make America great.



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