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The Federation for American Immigration Reform has joined forces with the National Sheriff’s Association to show support for President Trump. The powerful message from sheriffs across the country is “we want to stop illegal immigration”.

Liberal politicians and MSM are constantly spouting hyperbole about why America should support illegal immigrants. However, those who are forced to deal with the often-dangerous illegals are speaking up about the threat.

In the video, that now has almost 2 million views, Sheriffs like Chuck Jenkins from Frederick County, MD and Bunny Welsh from Chester County, PA share the truth about the cost of illegal immigration:

“America’s Sheriffs see first-hand, the costs and tragic consequences of illegal immigration.”

Jackson County, KS sheriff, Tim Morse and Massachusetts sheriff Thomas Hodgson note that by securing the border and enforcing the country’s immigration laws, “we can make America safe again” Which, as they happily point out, is part of “making America great again.”

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Hodgson was one of most familiar faces in the new video. Back in February, the Bristol County sheriff proposed using inmate labor to help build Trump’s wall.  All-in-all, the short video was a strong showing of…

Support and Encouragement

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As we have noted in the past, many local and state government officials have been openly critical and defiant of President Trump’s immigration orders. Several mayors and governors have vowed to keep their sanctuary cities in place-despite the possibility of losing their federal funding for doing so.

However, law enforcement officials are becoming increasingly more supportive of the president’s plans-and more hostile of politicians who are willingly exposing them to danger. The NYPD recently spoke out against Mayor Bill de Blasio’s “failing” sanctuary policies. 

Florida Sheriff, Grady Judd, also shared what seemed to be a warning on the dangers of illegal immigration. President Trump has taken massive steps to halt illegal immigration and to ensure the safety of American citizens. And, it would seem that- “America’s Sheriffs” are squarely in his corner.

“Mr President, we know we can count on you. And you can count on America’s Sheriffs”.

Watch their video and share this story to help end illegal immigration with #StandWithSheriffs


Do you want to end illegal immigration? America’s sheriffs are enforcing our laws. #StandWithSheriffs

Posted by Federation for American Immigration Reform on Wednesday, March 1, 2017


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