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We recently published a story on Ivanka Trump’s neighbors who reportedly want her out of their neighborhood. Since then, liberal protesters have been creating quite a scene in the usually quiet Kalorama community. But, one of the first daughter’s elderly neighbors had enough and stepped-up to put an end to the nonsense.

From Western Journalism:

Queer Dance Parties in front of the houses of senior members of the Trump administration are all the rage in Washington D.C. In January, prior to President Donald Trump’s inauguration, liberal protesters held a dance party in front of Vice President Mike Pence’s house in Chevy Chase.

Round two came Saturday evening with a “Queer Dance Party for Climate Justice” held in front of Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner’s house located in the Washington D.C. neighborhood of Kalorama.

Ironically, despite their being several high-profile residents living in the posh community, like Barack Obama and Jeff Bezos, Ivanka’s family is the only one drawing negative attention. Protesters took the street loudly chanting obscenities like f**k Trump and blasting music at obnoxious levels.

That’s when Ivanka’s 82-year old neighbor, whose identity has not been disclosed, came out and angrily confronted the protesters. He can be seen and heard in the video telling one woman to…


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