Melissa Rauch on Social Media

There’s not doubting it- Melissa Rauch is a social media star.

Her Instagram posts prove she is hilarious, relatable, and down to earth. We love seeing what she posts and reading her comments filled with dry humor and sarcasm. Here are 5 times she totally killed the social media game. We could all learn a little bit from this lady.

When She Participated In National Puppy Day

photo by @melissarauch via

National Puppy Day was March 24th, and that meant tons of adorable puppy photos gracing out Instagram feeds. Melissa knows how to get on board with a social media holiday, and posted this adorable throwback photo. Look how cute she is here with her childhood dog Lucky.

When She Gave The Best Spoiler EVER

Melissa posted this photo with the caption, “I’m so in love with this @bigbangtheory_cbs guest star…Paco the Sloth!” This post is amazing for two reasons. One, we now know Melissa shares our undying love for Sloths, and two, we now know that we can look forward to seeing a Sloth on TBBT sometime in the future.

When She Admitted She’s Just As Obsessed With The Bachelor As We Are

photo by @themelissarauch via

Melissa Rauch is a cool celebrity who meets other cool celebrities, and one of those happens to be Nick Vial. The star wrote, “Spoiler alert: I got the final rose!!! Okay…busted, not true, but I was super excited to run into @nickviall who had just come from his #DWTS rehearsal! He couldn’t have been nicer or cooler, especially since I did a borderline creepy amount of rambling about my Bachelor thoughts…”

When She Used Her Platform For Good

Celebrities have a wide audience on social media. Melissa is able to speak to 1.3 million followers directly through just Instagram alone. With that power comes great responsibility, and Melissa does a great job to use that platform for good. Here she encouraged her followers to plant a tree through the organization Tree People LA. She frequently speaks out about social injustice and causes she is passionate about.

Do you follow Melissa Rauch on social media?

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