Salesman Rumor Untrue, But…

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC For whatever reason, there was some talk online that Negan was a car salesman before the outbreak, but this simply isn’t true. At some point, Robert Kirkman didn’t deny the rumor, but Here’s Negan later gave the truth.

Before the outbreak, Negan was a high school gym teacher and a ping-pong coach. Negan tried to be the cool teacher so he cursed with his students, gave them a hard time, and pushed them to be better at sports.

Negan also had a wife…

Negan’s Wife, Before The Outbreak

Negan on The Walking Dead | Photo Credit

During Negan’s marriage, he was having an affair. His wife knew about the affair and she felt like it made her husband happy, so she essentially ignored the truth rather than trying to leave her cheating husband.

Her life took a turn, however. Negan’s wife had terminal cancer, which made him finally cut ties with the other woman. He finally realized how much he loved his wife, which made him furious about his actions.

He stayed by her side as she died in the hospital. She was Negan’s Lucille.

Dwight Brings Home A Friend

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Negan soon met up with Dwight, who he took to be a nice guy. Dwight invited Negan back to his camp, where Negan distanced himself from the others. He wanted to make sure they were actually strong enough to survive.

Negan liked this new group, and Sherry and Dwight made him feel welcome. In return, he offered to protect them. This essentially changed the leadership of the camp, which made Dwight somewhat uneasy towards Negan.

The would-be villain even told his group, “We can do this! If we work together, we can all survive! Nobody has to die today! Fight!”

What do you think about Negan’s original optimism? 

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