While the New York Times has stated Trump is running a personal campaign against Clinton, the reality is that Trump has refrained from using Hillary Clinton’s personal life as a source for ammunition. Some are claiming that when Trump stated that he could have brought up issues concerning Bill Clinton’s numerous infidelities and Hillary’s personal history, that this was in some way bringing it up and making it part of the discussion.  It isn’t.

Among Bill’s mistresses, former Miss Arkansas, Sally Perdue, who had an affair with the former president in the 90s, claimed that, according to Bill, Hillary had dabbled in lesbianism when it was in “vogue” during her college years; and Bill snorted cocaine from her coffee table.

So no, Trump did not get into the Clintons’ personal matters.

On the other hand, the Clinton campaign has made a deliberate effort to make this campaign personal, negative and tiresome to all spectators. Her 10 to 1 spending on negative ads have, by now, tired the American people. What Hillary fails to realize, is that people don’t care about negative ad campaigning and see it as the old’ shameful politics of tired politicians. Elections are swayed through the ability to inspire individuals to a greater cause.  Not by bullying people into shameful voting.

A recent study conducted by Crimson Hexagon, a social media and information analytics company, concluded that Hillary Clinton generated the largest percentage of negative media coverage at over 41 percent.  For Democrats, Hillary has been far from inspirational.  Even within her own party, Clinton has been divisive.

The now infamous statement made by Trump, addressing illegal aliens as rapists and criminals, has played in an endless loop throughout the presidential campaign, in a personal and distasteful way. Claims swirl about Trump’s racists comments, but, although not politically correct, his statements, actions, and way of thinking, are not racist, as the negative campaign wishes to assert at all costs.

Liberal media outlets like to also suggest Trump’s won “the support and praise of the country’s white supremacists,” but then again, so did Hillary.

“He called all Mexicans rapists,” has been the tired statement that Democrats, most recently Tim Kaine during the vice-presidential debate, have used to convince liberals of Trump’s racism. But how could he have labeled all Mexicans rapists when the speech was in regards to illegal immigration. Surely not all Mexicans are illegal immigrants, since Mexicans have their own country.  It’s called Mexico.

Since not all Mexicans are illegal aliens, Trump could not have called all Mexicans rapists during a speech about illegal immigration, just some, the illegal, violent criminals that roam America’s streets and jail cells.

Under a simple logic test, the negative story the Clinton campaign likes to push, crumbles. 

Hillary Clinton at a conference in June 2016Hillary Clinton at a conference in June 2016

It has to be made perfectly clear that Trump’s comments were in regards to illegal aliens.

This is a clear and logical distinction that needs to be defined because by clearing the claims, the rhetoric against Trump is simply irrelevant. Once again, his comment was made when addressing illegal immigration. What liberal media news outlets fail to mention is that Trump also called Mexicans “the most hardworking” and “amazing people.”

Look, a lot of people think Trump’s statements are too brash and unapologetic, but most are taken out of context and inflated through the liberal media establishment.

The media’s ‘Carpet ban on Muslims’ was actually Trump stating,

“Until we are able to determine and understand this problem and the dangerous threat it poses, our country cannot be the victims of horrendous attacks by people that believe only in Jihad, and have no sense of reason or respect for human life.”

Trump knows how to get attention, and he wears his heart on his sleeve. Whether Democrats like it or not, this has inspired millions of Americans despite all the negative campaign and shameful rhetoric.


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