The latest preposterous demand made by left is that Trump offer Hillary a job. They are conveniently ignoring the fact that Americans voted to keep her OUT of the White House. But, for the sake of protecting their fragile emotions, maybe he should offer her a position. How about U.S. Ambassador to Libya?

On September 11th, 2012 members of the Islamic militant group Ansar al-Sharia attacked two government facilities in Benghazi, Libya. Murdered in the attack, were U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens, U.S. Foreign Information Officer Sean Smith, and two CIA contractors, Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty.

While Hillary Clinton slept safely in her bed, Americans were dying.

Secretary of State Clinton, in conjunction with other high level government officials, fabricated an elaborate lie. The Benghazi attacks were the result of the release of an anti-Muslim video titled Innocence of Muslims. The unprovoked assault was later discovered to be a premeditated act of Islamic terrorism. And still, Hillary continued to lie.

In a massive WikiLeaks dump of emails from Clinton’s private server, startling truths were revealed. In an October 2nd, 2012 email to top aide Robert Russo, Clinton wrote:

“Why won’t the Libya story go away? Why can’t the memory of U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens and his staff be consigned to the same sad-and-sealed file of Americans killed abroad in dangerous line of duty? How has an episode that seemed at first to have been mishandled by the Romney camp become an emblem of a feckless and deluded foreign policy?

As usual, Clinton deflected blame for the egregious attack.

Diplomats from other countries fled Benghazi over mounting security concerns. Hillary wanted Americans to stay. Hundreds of requests for additional security made by Ambassador Stevens went unheeded. The stabilization of Libya was to be the Secretary’s crowning achievement.  

Photo credit: Washington Post

On two separate occasions, she chose to ignore the American lives lost in Benghazi.  During a Democratic town hall back in March, she stated that “no lives were lost in Libya”.  At the Commander-in-Chief forum this year, she once again stated “We did not lose a single American in Libya”.

She has an incredible ability to misdirect and lead her followers where she wants them to go.

The facts about Benghazi are clear; the region was destabilizing, security was inept, and Americans should have never been there. But, Hillary has never been big on security. She did mishandle thousands of classified documents. She does want to abolish the 2nd Amendment. She has armed ISIS while refusing to utter the phrase “radical Islam”.

Representing America’s adversaries is what she is good at. They have paid her well to be their spokeswoman.

So, to be fair, it is only right that President-elect Trump appoint Clinton as U.S. Ambassador to Libya. The position will in no way require her to compromise her liberal values. There will be no armed security, no secure email access, no aide from our foreign allies. She will receive the same support she gave to the four Americans that were killed.

Absolutely none.

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