One might have thought the Robertson family would have taken their earnings and sunk back into the oblivion of Louisiana country side. Their outrageously successful show came to an end last year, when the family decided as a whole that it was a good time to call it quits. However, the Duck Dynasty stars have found a surprising way to stay in touch, and relevant, to their fan base.

The Duck Dynasty Star Blogs

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The Duck Dynasty stars have found a powerful new outlet for their content. The family made famous for their fierce faith, and outlandish facial hair is still as relevant as ever. Plus, they get to keep total control of their message.

Blogging seems to be their new medium of choice. Most of the female members of the family have taken up blogging as a new outlet to speak to fans, share their messages of encouragement, and promote the family business. While they used to rely on Duck Dynasty episodes to promote things like Miss Kay’s new bakery, or Sadie’s latest fashion line, they can now simply type up a website article to spread the word.

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One of the most popular of the Duck Dynasty blogs is “The Little Duck Wife.” The Little Duck Wife refers to Mary Kate Robertson, who married John Luke Robertson in 2014 on the family’s reality show. Most recently Mary Kate shared her and her family’s struggle with Lyme disease. Mary Kate said, “I do not share this for pity, nor for attention. I share this for anybody else who is battling a chronic illness or is relationally affected by one…”

Sadie Robertson’s Blog

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Sadie Robertson has a similar blog that recently made a splash. The Duck Dynasty star wrote about her reason for ending her previous relationship. She described a toxic on and off again love filled with “passion” that was ultimately unhealthy. Sadie says, “I want you to know that I will not be holding back from speaking truth over the many lies that the enemy speaks to us in the world today.”

Will you be reading the Duck Dynasty stars’ blogs, and do you think they’ve chosen a great new medium for their content?

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