John Godwin is a big part of the show, and many have wondered just how this loveable guy got involved with the Duck Commander business.

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Godwin’s Early Years

John Godwin was born in Louisianna on September 6, 1962.  He grew up hunting with his father and loved to hunt deer.  It wasn’t until his teenage years that he was introduced to water sports and hunting.  He had met Phil Robertson as a child, but the two were not close and lost touch before adolescence.  

Meeting the Duck Commander

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Godwin’s father brought him to a duck call contest when he was a teenager and secretly entered him.  When speaking at the Love Loud Festival, Godwin recalls his father saying he better warm up, and that’s how he knew he’d have to compete that day.  When his dad asked him if he would use the Duck Commander duck call he received as a gift, Godwin replied: “Heck No, They sound like crap!”  To his surprise, the man sitting in front of them turned around and said, “My name is Phil Robertson, I make them things.”

No Hard Feelings

Phil apparently didn’t hold a grudge, and even helped Godwin to tune his own duck call, helping Godwin to win 3rd place in his very first duck calling contest.  From then on a bond was born.  Godwin began working at Duck Commander part time.  He later proved his worth to the company and became a full-time employee in the business.  He is, to this day, one of a handful of non-family related employees.  

Godwin’s Role at Duck Commander

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Godwin began working at the duck call facility in 2002, and today is the Shipping Manager.  He also is head of decoys when hunting season rolls around.  He is particularly skilled at finding just the right placement for the duck decoy.  Since working at the company, he has become like family to the Robertsons.  He has said, “The Robertsons are very giving and passionate people, and I have become family through Christ.”

Early Hardships

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Like many of the Duck Dynasty cast, Godwin has opened up to the public about his pre-Dynasty days.  He found himself immersed in a life of alcohol abuse, but he credits his wife Paula with bringing him back to Jesus.  This is a common theme throughout the Duck Dynasty cast.  Many of the Duck Dynasty wives have recounted how they had to beg their husbands to come back to church and the Lord.

Duck Dynasty Fame

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Godwin is one of only two regular Duck Dynasty cast members who are not official parts of the Robertson family.  Godwin has used his fame from the show to reach out to people and share the message of Christ.  He has said, “There’s no doubt the almighty has his hand running it,” when referring to the Duck Dynasty series.  He is even helping to expand the brand through “Fin Commander,” the fishing portion of the company.


We love Godwin, and we think he’s a great addition to the Robertson extended family!

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