Mary Kate Robertson Recounts Administering A Miracle- Claims To Heal High School Girl’s Injured Arm On The Spot


Mary Kate Robertson recently posted a passionate essay about her and her family’s struggle with chronic lyme disesae. While the story about the sickness was compelling, what shocked most fans was Mary Kate’s recount of a miraculous healing she believes to have administered in high school.

Mary Kate Robertson’s Lyme Disease

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Mary Kate Robertson opened up earlier this week in a passionate blog post about her struggle with chronic lyme disease. The Duck Dynasty star was diagnosed with the sickness in her preteen years, and still deals with its lingering affects.

Mary Kate admits her father and sister got the worst of it, and are still undergoing treatments to this day. Most heartbreaking was hearing that her say, “I’ve heard my dad ask to go on to heaven countless times.”

However, the most shocking part of the essay had nothing to do with lyme disease. Mary Kate instead used an anecdotal story about a high school friend. She believes the story proves that miracles can happen, and that her prayers for healing may one day be answered.

The Miracle

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Mary Kate apparently had a close acquaintance in high school whose arm was badly injured in a car accident. Mary Kate recalled, “…I felt the urge to pray for her. For years her arm brought her constant pain and she couldn’t use it to even open a door. Something inside of me though reminded me of all the unanswered prayers for my own family, but I prayed anyway. I’ve never felt the Spirit like that before. I’d also never witnessed a miracle like that before.”

She went on to explain that the girl began to perform push ups and even pick up large objects. “Even typing this I still get chills. By the end of the prayer her, her boyfriend, and I were all sobbing. She started to move her arm and before we knew it she was on the ground doing a pushup and freaking out at what was happening.”

Mary Kate finished that she believes God has a plan for her and her family, and this instance reminds her that miracles do happen. Do you think some day her lyme disease will be miraculously healed?

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