Who is Lawson Bates? He’s an up and coming singer/song writer. He also has great taste in girls. He had Sadie Robertson star in his latest music video, and has now joined her Live Original family. Here’s what he had to say about love in his latest post on the Live Original blog.

He’s an up and coming singer song writer, who is lucky enough to have snagged the attention of Sadie Robertson.

The Duck Dynasty star appeared in his music video for Past the Past. While he doesn’t portray the nicest boyfriend in the video, Sadie definitely sings his praises off screen. “Lawson is a one of a kind guy…Such a gentleman despite what his part in the video makes him out to be! We laughed all day watching him try acting like a jerk for the video.”

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Apparently, Sadie liked him so much that she invited him to be a part of her Live Original tour. Lawson recently posted on the tour’s blog. The singer wrote, “Let’s get honest for a second. Between dating, relationships, finding love, and pursuing God’s plan for my life, everything can feel pretty complicated at times, you know?” He went on to give love advice to his peers, focusing on God and faithfulness.

A Heart For God

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Lawson has a huge heart for God and looks to him for relationship advice. He wrote, “You’re defined by who you are in Christ! You’re priceless, so you should act like it. I’m not saying to think of yourself better than others by saying you are priceless, but rather to remember that you are made in God’s image, and your life should reflect Him.”

Seems like a pretty great guy. Plus, he can sing and is DEFINITELY easy on the eyes. Did you enjoy Sadie Robertson in Lawson Bates’ Past Is Past music video?


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