It’s not normal for a Robertson to speak out against a republican president. However, that’s exactly what Korie Robertson did earlier this week during an interview with CNN. Here’s what the Duck Dynasty wife had to say about our nation’s President.

Korie Robertson On Trump

Korie Robertson spoke earlier this week on CNN about her family’s historical support for President Trump and her current feelings about the nation’s president. She said she can’t defend the President’s recent actions involving Charlottesville.

“I get emotional about it,” Korie Robertson said when asked about her initial reaction to the Charlottesville tragedy. “Because it was so sad, for me to see that amount of hate being spewed out by people.” 

Willie Robertson, Korie’s husband, was one of President Trump’s earliest celebrity endorsements during the campaign. In the interview Korie admitted that she did not share her husbands passion for the cause. “There’s probably a lot of husbands and wives arguing around the dinner table,” Korie said, referring to the time of the election.

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Korie recently garnered harsh criticism and attention after re-tweeting a tweet from President Obama. The tweet showed the former President waving to children, and read, “No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin, or his background, or his religion.” Korie justified the retweet saying, “to see something that was positive and such truth, it just felt like light was winning…And I thought, I’m just going to retweet that as well.”

Korie Can’t Defend Him

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Ultimately Korie said she wants to give President the Trump the benefit of the doubt, but she simply can’t justify anything he has said about the happenings in Charlottesville. “That floored me, and I don’t really understand that. I really can’t defend him in any way on that.” 

It will be interesting to see if the rest of the Robertson family speaks out as Korie Robertson on Trump.

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