Sadie Robertson Makes Touching Confession On Winter Jam Tour… Fans Stunned


Sadie Robertson just posted a photo the she says represents one of the “most special” moments in her life.

Sadie Robertson relaxing on the beach (photo by @legitsadierob via

And of course, this moment happened on the Winter Jam Tour, on which she is a speaker. As a speaker, she hopes to encourage young people and be a good example for God.

“This is about a moment of life that was one of the most special in my heart,” Sadie writes on Instagram.

She had met a girl who apparently had such an impact on Sadie that it gave her reason to continue doing what she’s doing.

And one thing she’s doing is reminding people of heaven.

“There [are] so [many] bad things going on in the world, but we have to remember that our hope is not here, our hope is Heaven bound,” she said.

Jada and Sadie Robertson (photo from Instagram)

“This girl right here is why I LOVE doing what I do,” Sadie continues. “I hope [one] day we are sharing the stage together sharing God’s stories in our lives.”

Wow — big words for such a little person. But, hey, Sadie says what she means.

Continuing on in her post, she then turns her attention directly to Jada, the girl she’s pictured with. Sadie has some encouraging words for this young girl, as she does for most young people she meets.

“Jada, you are a child with such beauty that is going to reach many one day,” Sadie writes. “Keep ministering to all you meet with YOUR smile that God gave YOU. LOVED meeting you, talking with you, and praying with you tonight!”

Sharing a moment with this young girl was powerful to Sadie — so powerful that she called it one of the “most special” moments she’s had. 

Sadie Robertson — “Know Him to Find Him”

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