In the Season 7 premiere of The Walking Dead, fans were heartbroken to witness the death of Glenn. Steven Yeun had played the role since the very first episode of The Walking Dead. But before Glenn’s death, though, another member of the group was targeted by Negan. Abraham’s death was also devastating but hasn’t received as much attention as Glenn.

An Honor, Not a Distraction

Negan and Abraham on The Walking DeadImage Credit: AMC

Michael Cuditz, who played Abraham, said he was honored to die in the same episode as Glenn. “Oh yes, absolutely,” said Cudlitz. “My biggest fear was detracting from his death because I was a fan of the show as well. We had numerous discussions about this. The deaths are filmed in such a way that they are very different even though they both die in the same way – they each have their own weight and their own pace in the narrative. I was very honored but I was also very hesitant early on because I wanted to make sure it was handled properly.”

A Long Time Coming

Fortunately, both Cudlitz and Yeun had plenty of time to prepare for the end. “We were both told at the same time,” said Cudlitz. “We knew that it was sort of contingent on how the broke up the episode between the season finale last year and the season 7 premiere this year. We weren’t sure exactly when it was going to happen but we were told it was going to be either/or and to expect it.”

Despite the obvious attention focused on Glenn, Cudlitz says he’s humbled by the outpouring of affection fans have given toward Abraham. “It’s been insane – in a really good way,” he said. “Just really really overwhelming.”

Negan’s Future Plans

Now that Abraham and Glenn are dead, does Negan have plans to kill anyone else? “I don’t know,” said Cudlitz. “I think he’s made his point. I don’t know if there’s anything to be gained by staying in that mode. He doesn’t have to go into that mode often but he’s obviously shown he will if he has to. Our group is a group of leaders and most communities are a group of followers so if you walk in somewhere and you shoot somebody, everybody goes: ‘Woah, what?’ That wouldn’t have worked with us – he knew that.

“He saw what we were capable of, he gauged everyone when he was talking to them and sticking the bat in their face.  Even with his little interactions he figured that Carl was Rick’s son, he found out that Rosita was connected with me – it was all non-verbal; he’s a really really smart guy.”

What Could Have Been

Cudlitz had been on The Walking Dead for several seasons before his death. Still, he missed the opportunity to share a scene with several other memorable characters. Were there any actors on the show he would have liked to work with?

“Oh my gosh, all of them?” said Cudlitz. “Jon Bernthal [Shane] – fucking powerhouse actor; Scott Wilson [Hershel] – amazing; Chad Coleman [Tyreese] – crazy awesome. I would have loved to have killed the Governor [David Morrissey]. I’ve got to know these people at conventions and stuff – we all have this universe that we all live in through the fans.”

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