Lauren Cohan Shows Fans Behind-The-Scenes Photos

Lauren Cohan | Photo Credit Instagram

Several Walking Dead stars have their own social media accounts, but Lauren Cohan has one of the best. When you follow Cohan, she provides behind-the-scenes photos from the show from her own unique perspective.

Along with 3.6 million others, you can subscribe to @LaurenCohan on Instagram to see updated model photos, behind-the-scenes photos on set at The Walking Dead and much more.

Lauren Cohan plays Maggie on the AMC hit series.

Actress Encourages Others To Get In Shape

Lauren Cohan | Photo Credit Instagram

Another reason to follow Cohan is that she’s an inspiration for those trying to get in shape or stay fit. The actress has been in GQ and on the cover of magazines like Health and Shape for years now.

Whenever she’s not slaying walkers on The Walking Dead, Cohan is hiking trails, posting how-to workout images, and even hanging out with personal trainers to get in better shape for the series.

“From a physical level, it’s extremely challenging,” said the actress. “Some scenes are much more difficult than others. Sometimes I didn’t think I’d be able to run as much as I have on the show. There’s so much running and action. But I love the physical element because it’s a good release for a lot of the emotional tension.”

Everyone on The Walking Dead needs to stay in zombie-fighting shape.

Cohan Is Humble, Grateful, And Inspirational 

Lauren Cohan | Photo Credit Instagram

Finally, the actress just seems grateful and humble for everything she has. Wearing shirts like “You Got This” or just writing notes to fans about how to be different or unique makes her account worth following.

Cohan told Health, “The last few years, I’ve been focusing on consistency and balance, and it’s made a huge difference. I have timers on my phone for everything: It’s time to meditate, it’s time to do this. The best way for me to put it is that if my spiritual life isn’t bigger than my outside life, then I’m out of balance. I make my spiritual life a priority. I’m taking the time to be a better person so I can be of service—putting other people before myself.”

Have you seen these behind-the-scenes photos from Lauren Cohan before?

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